VINNY APPICE ddrum Clinic GODPS Music Newbury Park, CA 8/30/2013

This is my hometown.   It is so cool that there’s an incredible music store here.   That’s many years overdue.  If this place was only here when I was growing up and learning how to play music…..

This was a great way to start the Labor Day weekend.  I arrived shortly before the 6:30 start time and was greeted by several pleasant staff members.

I gazed at the rooms full of instruments for a few minutes before taking my seat to watch Vinny do his thing.

In addition to seeing him play many times with DIO (RIP), I have recently watched him perform at the taping of That Metal Show earlier this year (and prior to that, attended a taping when Kill Devil Hill was a brand new band), and last year caught Vinny with his band Kill Devil Hill at the Key Club as well as paying tribute to John Bonham at the Bonzo Bash at the House of Blues with The Moby Dicks (links for all that at the bottom of the post).

Following his introduction, he started his clinic by performing Black Sabbath’s “Mob Rules” from 1980.   From the onset, Vinny was hilarious.  He cracked jokes throughout  and has a great sense of humor.  And seeing him drum from an excellent viewpoint sure was a bonus!

He went on to explain that there are 2 versions of the tune – the album version and the version used for the soundtrack of the movie Heavy Metal.   How metal is that??

Vinny also talked about spending time at John Lennon’s house right after he passed away.

He uses a Tama Iron Cobra single pedal.   Watching his foot go was a lot of fun.

He also talked about using the butt end of the drum sticks all the time.  That’s how he achieves his smashing, powerful drum sound.

He said he uses his the sole of his shoe to warm up and practice drumming.  Someone from the audience shouted out “Sole Music!”

He talked about music theory and making money in the music business.   He emphasized that the money is in the songwriting and arrangements.   Good advice.

The second song he played was “The Last in Line”.   That was fantastic.

Carmine is 11 years older than Vinny and as a little kid, he’d bust his older brother’s cymbals.

He ended up performing with John Lennon during high school when he was 16 or 17l.   He skipped school to perform and then went back to school the next day.   That was a great story.   When he went back to  school the following day, he got in trouble for making drum noises.  He said “who else here performed with a Beatle last night?”  Too funny.

He regrets not taking pictures with John Lennon, but luckily, he said some do exist (thank goodness for the Internet!)

He also talked of the time that Carmine had Jeff Beck over at their family’s house when he was a kid.

He named three of the current drummers he really likes:   Thomas Lang, Thomas Pridgen and Ray Luzier.

Vinny talked about the music that first inspired him.  He cited Kool and the Gang and James Brown as the bands that got him going and named his three biggest drumming influences:  his brother Carmine, Buddy Rich and John Bonham.

He talked about being contacted by Sharon Osbourne and ended up turning down the Ozzy gig.   A few years later, Carmine ended up playing with Ozzy.

He brought a little kit in his ‘67 Mustang to audition for Black Sabbath.  The first song they played was “Neon Knights”.

He talked some more about his huge 21 piece kit for the 2009 Heaven and Hell Tour.  And said playing drums suspended above and behind him forced him to have shoulder surgery.   He said the most visually stunning part of that kit were the drums that were suspended with $10 bungee cords.   That was hilarious.

He now uses a 4 piece ddrum kit with a 12”, 13”, 16” and 18” configuration.

He ended with “We Rock” and followed it up with a phenomenal drum solo.   Vinny rocks!!

Vinny went to one of the back rooms to take pictures and give out autographs with the people in attendance.

One of the neatest things about the clinic was the age range.  There were little kids learning drums as well as older women and men that are learning how to play the drums.   That was fantastic to see.

They announced the winner of the prize of a ddrum drum kit.   And the guy called in promptly to claim his prize.


Some cool shots of the GO DPS Music store- what an awesome place!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Other footage of Vinny I have compiled over the last two years (big fan of Vinny here!):



2013 show with Vinny as guest drummer




Original post (Key Club – Kill Devil Hill)





The Stream of the clinic:



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