JUNE 3 – The Stone PonyAsbury Park, New Jersey

JUNE 4 – bergenPAC (Bergen Performing Arts Center)Englewood, New Jersey

JUNE 6 – 1150 Oak Bar & Grill – Cranston, Rhode Island

JUNE 7 – The Stafford Palace Theater – Stafford, Connecticut

JUNE 8 – The Ballroom – Waynesboro, Pennsylvania

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A Celebration For A Guitar Legend

Hosted by Brian Tichy, Phil X and Joe Sutton

The Concept: The world’s top guitarists choose their favorite Rhoads songs and play them with the house band, “The Madmen.”

“Randy Rhoads Remembered: A Celebration For A Legend” announces guitarists to participate in EAST COAST MINI-TOUR!

Extra Extra!! Read All About It!!

Randy Rhoads Remembered success brings more fun to the masses!!

Randy Rhoads Remembered organizers Brian Tichy, Joe Sutton, Brent Woods, Kelle Rhoads and the Rhoads family, whom together form the nucleus of the Randy Rhoads Remembered concert that took place on Saturday Jan. 25th, 2014 during the NAMM convention have decided to give the people more of what they want!

Since receiving stellar reviews and feedback from the press, the fans, and the artists involved, it was agreed to take the RRR show a step further… on the road!

Regarding the celebration, Randy Rhoads Remembered, Tichy also went on to say, “When the opportunity arose to have a mini-tour to pay tribute to Randy, my partner, Joe Sutton, and I decided to utilize the Bonzo Bash template and celebrate the music and wizardry of one of rock’s truly legendary guitar heroes — Randy Rhoads!   Having grown up at a time when Randy took over the guitar world, he impacted me deeply. It seemed that a show in the Bonzo Bash mold would be perfect to celebrate all things Randy Rhoads!

With that said, in addition to the superb list of guitarists, I am psyched to announce some more of the world’s most brilliant players to RRR!!!”


Legendary Bassist Rudy Sarzo (Ozzy Osbourne, Quiet Riot, Whitesnake, Queensryche)

Rhoads family members Kathy Rhoads and Kelle Rhoads (Vox)


Phil Demmel (Machine Head)

Joel Hoekstra (Night Ranger/ Trans-Siberian Orchestra)

Mike Orlando (Adrenaline Mob)

Alex Skolnick (Testament/ Alex Skolnick Trio)

Brian Tichy (Whitesnake, Ozzy Osbourne, Foreigner, Billy Idol, Lynch Mob)

Brent Woods (Vince Neil/ Sebastian Bach/ Randy Rhoads Student)

Phil X (Bon Jovi/ The Drills)

Jeff Young (Megadeth)


Michael Devin: Vocals (Whitesnake, Jason Bonham’s Led Zep Exp., Lynch Mob, Kenny Wayne Shepherd)

Brian Tichy: Drums (RRR/ Bonzo Bash creator, Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake, Billy Idol, Foreigner, Zakk Wylde, Slash’s Snakepit)

Stephen LeBlanc: Keys

I must also give a big thanks to photographer Jay Banbury! He has taken some of the most iconic live photos of Randy Rhoads. Jay has graciously allowed us to use one for our concert poster and t-shirt! Go to Jay’s website and order up some killer Randy posters now! (www.139creative.com)

You GOTTA go like our FB page: (www.Facebook.com/RandyRhoadsRemebered), follow us on Twitter: (@RhoadsRememberd) and check the Limited VIP Packages available here: http://bit.ly/1owDgpd

We also have to tell everyone to go visit the ultimate Randy Rhoads Facebook page,“Randy Rhoads Society” (www.Facebook.com/RandyRhoadsSociety) These guys are hardcore!”


“Watching Randy at 10am in the Oakland coliseum was my 1st concert experience and it was life changing. It made me want to not only play guitar, but to perform with passion and emotion. I’m beyond honored to be part of this celebration of a true legend and an immense inspiration.”

~ Phil Demmel (Machine Head)

“I am so psyched to get this show together! Randy’s playing, and the music on those 2 Ozzy records were huge to me! I am a drummer but I also started putting a lot of time into guitar at the same time Randy came out. I heard Ozzy being interviewed on the radio when Blizzard Of Ozz was released. They played “I Don’t Know” and when the guitar kicked in I was floored and I was an instant fan! I spent countless hours trying to learn Randy’s songs, riffs and solos while I was also just a beginner on guitar. I tried to learn Randy’s live solo note for note! I had Randy’s posters on my basement walls! I still have those posters framed in my house right now! Brent Woods and I even shared a bottle of Randy Rhoads wine when it first came out!”

~ Brian TIchy (S.U.N.)

“31 years after the tragic death of my mentor and favorite guitar player, it’s time for a proper celebration of Randy’s legacy. Being involved with the Bonzo Bash since day one, I know Randy Rhoads Remembered will be a tribute unlike any other.”

~ Brent Woods (The Moby Dicks / Vince Neil)

“After school 1981. Drop the needle. ‘Blizzard Of Ozz’. WTF?!?! The guy who took the 6 in the pentatonic scale and made it minor instead of major so that ANYONE who plays it in sequence to this day is reminded of Randy Rhoads.

His heart, his soul, his choice of notes. His FIRE. That kind of inspiration stays with you ’til death. And now… 2014. Randy Rhoads Remembered. A bunch of as-inspired awesome musicians paying homage to this amazing guy who contributed SO MUCH to ROCK guitar. I am so excited to be a part of it. I CAN’T F@CKING WAIT!”

~ Phil X (The Drills/Bon Jovi/“Session Guy”- Rob Zombie/Alice Cooper/Chris Cornell/Tommy Lee/Halestorm/Avril Lavigne / Daughtry)


Press Contact: Noelle Kim

310.849.3444 – ProducerNoelle@gmail.com


Show Creator Brian Tichy – RRR 1.25.2014              |  Phil X – Co-Host of Randy Rhoads Remembered

The Observatory, Santa Ana, CA

Brent RRR live polka dot.jpg

Brent Woods (Former Randy Rhoads Student) RRR 1.25.2014 – The Observatory, Santa Ana, CA

DEEfinale.jpgRRR Finales “Dee Guitar Orchestra” 1.25.2014 – The Observatory, Santa Ana, CA

L-R: Brian Tichy, Kiko Loureiro, Joel Hoekstra, Marty Friedman, Phil Soussan, Kelle Rhoads, Brent Woods, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, Jeff Young, Alex Skolnick, Mike Orlando, Phil X

Photo: Igor Vidyashev/RockXposure

For all Press and VIP info contact Noelle Kim at ProducerNoelle@gmail.com or call 310.849.3444




Links to videos from RRR:





 r3_RRR_140608 r3_RRR_140603a r3_RRR_140604 r3_RRR_140606 r3_RRR_140607


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