Whitesnake Concert Review from Twin River Casino Lincoln, RI 7/24/2015

Whitesnake at Twin River Casino  Lincoln, Rhode Island by Paul Donahue Jr.  Pictures by Evil ROBB


Man, who doesn’t love the casino gig?    Valet Parking, slot machines, gaming tables, chandeliers, the sound of coins hitting the catch pans and people cheering.    An architectural layout designed to be appealing to everyone.   People are dressed up and the smell of money is in the air.

The Event Center is more of the same.    It reminded me of the The Fillmore in San Fran with big beautiful lights hanging from the ceiling.   The 3,000 capacity room is carpeted wall-to-wall and the stage is set about 4 feet off the floor with light rigging above and on both sides and were also lined from top to bottom with PA speakers.    Floor seating only, no seats on the sides or balconies.   There were also Jumbo-trons hanging from the ceiling.

This line-up of Whitesnake is really something to see and hear LIVE — The current tour is the music from the David Coverdale Deep Purple days as well as the music of Whitesnake.

Opening with “Burn” was the way to go. The intro was aces, Coverdale takes immediate charge with superior vocals.

Michael Devin on bass lending back-up vocals and solos by both Joel Hoekstra and Reb Beach.

Michele Luppi is on the keyboard adding that all important Deep Purple sound we all know while the one and only Tommy Aldridge pounds on the drums!


Then comes “Slide It In” — the crowd goes nuts, the song sounds like it playing right off the CD.

Coverdale‘s vocals are so smooth, the band is super tight.  Reb took the guitar solo while Devin rocked along and sang back up vocals.  The band is clearly having a great time touring together.IMG_3669-0

Love Ain’t No Stranger” vocals were shared by DC and the crowd.   There was a softness mixed with electric subtleties.    Then comes Tommy leading everyone into the harder, heavier parts.  The tones, the textures and the sound are on the money.  The band is tight, and everyone is smiling.


Joel Hoekstra was born to be a rock star.   Singing, smiling, toying with the crowd.   You can tell he thoroughly lives for this.   His style on stage is the epitome of a Rock Guitar God.   He has it all:   Whitesnake, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Rock of Ages on Broadway and the Randy Rhoads Remembered Tour too…this guy can do it all.


Tommy Aldridge looks and plays the same way he did 30 years ago, with flourishes, chokes, behind the head, stick twirling and rim shots were all in the mix.   The Yamaha Double Bass Drums were pulsing in time with such force that the light that reflecting off the skins made the bass drums appear to be giant strobe lights.   His solo was remarkable.  Playing both with and without drum sticks, you could hear fills during the solo  from the Ozzy/Randy Rhoads “Tribute” album.   What a great moment it was to relive that moment in time.


Reb Beach, the great guitar soloist has found his home with Whitesnake since joining in 2002.    Reb’s playing was impeccable as he and Joel split the guitar solos.  Reb went first, he began his solo with the heaviest playing of the night.   Hard rocking hammer-ons, slides, tremolo, note bending and note stretching all with a bluesy feel.  Reb’s lending a hand as band leader has really proved his presence vital.


Adding Michele Luppi on the keys was a brilliant move. He adds great sound from behind the keys. His vocal talents added to this group of singers makes for a great fit.  As a musician, producer,song writer with a unique method for voice production has helped him become one of the most sought after voice teachers, as more than 2,500 students have benefited from learning his vocal techniques.


Michael Devin – bass player extraordinaire.   Lead singer, back-up singer, guitar player, song writer takes the lead for a moment on harmonica while Tommy clicks away with rim-shots.    Devin takes over like the front man that he really is, leading us into “You Fool No One“.   He played flawlessly all night and clearly enjoyed himself throughout the entire show.


David Coverdale is Gold.   Silky smooth and then letting loose with screams that were exceptional to the tune. His voice has matured into a powerhouse of soul.    “Still of the Night” has a couple vocal parts that demand perfection or the song is a loss.   DC did not disappoint.  Coverdale sings with emotion, his passion is evident from across the room.  He is as gracious and personable as you could hope, continuously having fun and joking with the crowd.

The front man even caught a bra from one of the many women that still flock to every Whitesnake show.

This is a 6 piece Super-Group.  From the 5 part harmonies to the raging guitars the show was astonishing.

Whitesnake Setlist Twin River Event Center, Lincoln, RI, USA 2015, The Purple Tour

The sound, the volume, the levels, the lights and the entire production was spot on. It’s very rare to get it all done and done right…Whitesnake delivered.


CONGRATS TO MICHAEL DEVIN!! Check out the HMH interview in the post below:


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