NIGHTSWORD at LOADED Hollywood, CA 7/30/15

11798418_1019914091360316_1062940900_n Review by Donnie Marhefka Pics by John”Hamster” Smith

I had the opportunity to check out a few good bands last night at the LOADED bar in Hollywood, but the one that stood out to me the most was this extreme and heavy metal band known as NIGHTSWORD.

They only had a 30 minute set but they made the most out of every minute of it.

They had enough time to play 5 punishing tunes from depths of hell that Lucifer himself would be proud of.

As soon as they hit the stage, their sheer presence alone was enough to leave in you in awe and sheer terror, never mind the sonic waves of brew-tality that was about to rip through their speakers, melt your face off and make your ears bleed.

This band was and is nothing but crushing!  With big sounding monsters guitars, shredding-whammy bar slamming solos, thunderous bass, punch in the gut drums and insanely demented vocals that leaves the hairs stand on end on the back of your neck.

These guys had clearly mastered their craft and when you see them it’s something you can see and feel.

NIGHTSWORD has and is making a quite a name for themselves, and I’ll bet your life on it, that you will be seeing and hearing a lot more from these guys for many moons to come.


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