Heavy Metal Hill

Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal Concerts and Event Coverage

CALIFORNIA MUSIC FEST January 22 – January 24, 2015 at The Observatory in Santa Ana, CA

Bonzo Bash: Thursday, January 22, 2015 at The Observatory in Santa Ana, CABonzo_bash_15B

Hosted Dean Delray (Rock N Roll Comedian)

Burning Rain featuring Doug Aldrich, Keith St. John, Sean McNabb and Matt Starr

DRUMMERS:   Thomas Lang, Dave Lombardo, Roy Mayorga, Stephen Perkins, Mike Portnoy, Glen Sobel, Matt Starr, Todd Sucherman, Jason Sutter, Mike Terrana,  Brian Tichy, Gregg Potter, Khurt Maier, Bobby Rondinelli, Franklin Vanderbilt, Les Warner, Simon Wright, Roy Mayorga, Jeff Ocheltree, Steven Adler, Athena, Kenny Aronoff, Charlie Benante, Jimmy D’Anda, Bevan Davies, Cortney DeAugustine, Joe Franco, John Hummel, Brandon Kachel, & Corky Laing

SPECIAL GUESTS: Phil X Ali Handal Robert Mason Mike Orlando Mitch Perry Dizzy Reed  and Jeff Ocheltree (John Bonhams’s drum tech)

The Moby Dicks:  Michael Devin, Stephen LeBlanc, Brian Tichy, Chas West, Brent Woods  


Randy Rhoads Remembered: Friday, January 23rd, 2015 at The Observatory in Santa Ana, CA



Hosted by Dean Delray (Rock n’ Roll Comedian)

GUITARISTS: Tracii Guns, Joel Hoekstra, Nik Kai, Kiko Louriero, Marzi Montazeri, Mike Orlando, Mitch Perry, Monte Pittman, Rowan Robertson, Janet Robin, Alex Skolnick, Brian Tichy, Jeff Watson, Brent Woods, Phil X,  Roy Z, and  Mark Zavon

RRR House Band – “THE MADMEN” : Michael Devin: vox (Whitesnake) Stephen LeBlanc: keys  Rudy Sarzo: bass Phil Soussan: bass Brian Tichy: drums

SPECIAL GUESTS: Dewey Bragg, Kathy Rhoads D’Argenzio, Dave Ellefson, Kelle Rhoads, Jeff Scott Soto and Chas West



Entwistle / Moon: The Ox & The Loon: Saturday, January 24, 2015 at The Observatory in Santa Ana, CA


Featuring “Amazing Journey” with Mike Portnoy, Billy Sheehan & Paul Gilbert and “Devil City Angels” featuring Tracii Guns,Eric Brittingham (Cinderella),Brandon Gibbs and Rikki Rockett

DRUMMERS: Thomas Lang, Dave Lombardo, Kenny Aronoff, Veronica Bellino. Stephen Perkins, Mike Portnoy. Roy Mayorga. Bevan Davies, Van Romaine, Mark Schulman, Matt Starr, Brian Tichy, Joe Travers, Vinnie Vinciguerra, Les Warner, Corky Laing, Bob Pantella, Joseph Pusateri & Rikki Rockett 

BASS PLAYERS:  Phil Chen, Robbie Crane, Michael Devin, Tony Franklin, Dave LaRue,  Sean McNabb, Marco Mendoza, John Moyer, Marty O’Brien, James LoMenzo, dUg Pinnick, Billy Sheehan, Phil Soussan & Chris Wyse

SPECIAL GUESTS: Gilby Clarke, Stephen LeBlanc, Robert Mason, Mitch Perry, Joe Retta, Rowan Robertson, Jeff Scott Soto, Chas West & Brent Woods


 With more special and surprise guests to be added at each show


Limited VIP packages available:  www.Californiamusicfest.com

General Admission Tickets:http://www.observatoryoc.com


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