DAMN YOUR EYES Releases Debut Full-Length Album and Premieres New Music Video for “Through it All”

New York-based heavy metal band DAMN YOUR EYES‘ debut full-length, Kill The Outside, is available and the band’s video for the track “Through it All”.
Says guitarist Artie Alexander, “Everybody seems to be arguing about something these days and we feel it’s a complete waste of time. News channels compete for your anger by baiting people all the time. It’s manufactured outrage and it’s mind boggling that a huge amount of people jump in the fray and verbally duke it out over what’s ‘reported’ on the news. Our society is so ready to be offended by words and opinions, and it seems the media knows people are dying to be victims of something. ‘Through It All’ is about not buying into it. Freedom of speech is extremely important to this band but so is freedom of the mind. Allowing oneself to be unaffected by other people’s agendas or words.”
Kill The Outside showcases a mixture of styles, making for a truly dynamic and emotive collection of tracks. In addition to the metal radio-ready “Ascension”, mellow head-bobbers like “Burn” echo grunge and stoner metal influences, while standout track “Low Road” kicks off with a Type O Negative-esque intro riff before quickly transitioning to full-on antagonistic southern groove metal. Slow and low, grooving “Dirty Viper” tells the intense and personal story of a friend who committed suicide by heroin overdose. Tracks like “Punk Fuck” kick it up a notch, while another standout track, the heartfelt “Slower”, brings the tempo down while telling the opposite story of “Dirty Viper” – an uplifting tale of wonderful results after making the decision to change oneself. 
Kill The Outside is our response to the people that have the words ‘you can’t’ or ‘it’s too hard’ in their vocabulary and use these words on a regular basis,” Alexander adds. “It’s about focusing your efforts to try and achieve your personal best at any age. This album is about life on life’s terms. No matter what happens, there is something to be learned and gained from every single experience this life provides. We are very proud of this record and we truly believe when given an honest listen there will be something that everyone can relate to within its songs. Plus, it’s heavy and catchy as fuck!”
DAMN YOUR EYES may seem new to the scene, but they are anything but green. The band – formed by former members of We Are The Enemy and Bonesmith, plus a current member of Black Water Rising – came together in 2015 and immediately hit the ground running. As respected musicians in their local scene with extensive recording experience, the band quickly recorded an EP, released it to local acclaim, and rapidly returned to the studio to record Kill The Outside.
DAMN YOUR EYES isn’t about clickbait or gimmicky metal. The band performs pure American heavy music – blending influences of 90’s heavy metal with grunge, stoner metal and sludge to create a potent mixture of candid aggression. Decibel Magazine says it best: “…DAMN YOUR EYES‘ style is straight ahead American metal, with nods to everyone from Down to Alice in Chains and Phil Demmel-era (read: good) Machine Head.”
DAMN YOUR EYES is sought after by Long Island and New York City area promoters and venues because of their energetic live performances! Catch DAMN YOUR EYES performing August 27 in Elmhurst, NY at Blackthorn 51 with Crowbar.
Kill The Outside track listing:
1) Through It All
2) Ascension
3) Burn
4) Low Road
5) Lions from Lambs
6) Slower
7) These Are the Things
8) Dirty Viper
9) Tree Line 
10) Punk Fuck
Kenny Vincent Jr. – Lead Vocals
Artie Alexander – Guitar and Vocals
Oddie McLaughlin – Bass
Danny Reynolds – Drums
Instagram: @dyebandofficial


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