FATE DeSTROYED’s Fire-Breathing Metal Front Woman FRANCCESCA De STRUCT: THE ART of BETRAYAL and Upcoming Benefit Show

Fate DeStroyed is a female fronted mix of modern metalcore with heavy 90’s industrial influences and driving synths.

Formed and fronted by fire-breathing, inked-up, bass playing female singer/songwriter Franccesca De Struct, Fate DeStroyed officially arrived at the Los Angeles music scene in 2018 and have been building an increasingly loyal fan base and gaining new fans ever since.

Art of Betrayal – Fate DeStroyed (Official Lyric Video)YouTube · Fate DeStroyed

Possessing a great deal of musical talent, brains and a hardcore work ethic, combined with her unique ability and vocal style where she unexpectedly manipulates her voice between singing and screaming, she achieves her goal of creating an “audio assault” with “raw emotion.”

Music has always been an integral part of her life starting with learning the trumpet, French horn, and bassoon in middle school to instantly knowing what she wanted to do become a bass guitarist when she watched a music video for A Perfect Circle’s “Judith”, where she saw a woman (Paz Lenchantin) playing a bass.

Getting her start with garage bands, De Struct joined several local bands as a bassist before relocating to LA in order to accomplish her goals of being a full time, professional musician.

She auditioned, filled in, played and networked as much as possible, gaining years of experience with touring and playing in bands, including Kuza, The Dreaming and as a fill-in player for Stabbing Westward.

Also a model, she was included on the list Revolver Magazine’s “Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock and Metal” in 2015 and has toured Europe as a fire breather with Motionless in White, as well as being featured in their AMERICA video with over 11 million views.

Previously a performer in Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare, De Struct has been featured in many other videos, including New Year’s Day, Vampires Everywhere!, Psyclon9 and DopeSick.

As her musical career and related pursuits progressed, other opportunities continued to grow, and she acquired new skills, the idea of becoming a front woman presented itself.

Pooling every resource available and pouring herself into writing music and finding people to be a part of her vision was the key to her success leading up to the latest, now available Fate DeStroyed single, Art of Betrayal (Download AOB on Spotify), with more singles and videos coming soon on a regular basis.

The next scheduled release is a cover of a Leadbelly song with a music video produced by Ron Underwood of 9Electric, who said, “‘When the band talked about a waterfall location, I didn’t imagine I’d ever be standing in the water with all my gear… but when I looked through the camera, there was no question it was worth the risk…haha!’”

The level of excitement for their next video premiere confirms their strategy of releasing new content in the form of music videos and singles on a regularly scheduled basis.

Franccesca attributes Fate DeStroyed’s overall success to their “elite line-up of seasoned musicians (Nathan Youngblood, Jonni Law, Ben Levi, and Roger Bohlen) with “unique talents from business to promotion to sound technology, along with a solid comprehension of current social media engagement trends.”

Her current endorsements include Cleartone Strings, EMG Pickups, Schecter Guitars and Gallien-Krueger.

Fate DeStroyed VIDEOS:

Carlton Bost produced Break Free, We Fall and In the Pines. Franccesca and Carlton played in a together in The Dreaming.     


Fate DeStroyed will be headlining at the second annual Idyllwild Strong Benefit Festivalto raise money for disaster relief in the beautiful mountain oasis of Idyllwild, California. The town relies on regular tourism to survive, which has been severely impacted by catastrophic damage caused by the Cranston Fire in July 2018 and massive flooding in February 2019. The community of Idyllwild is in desperate need of help. Local 501(c)(3) nonprofits Young Idyllwild Inc and the Idyllwild Help Center are teaming up to do just that – and what better way than with the healing power of music?! Over 100 bands will be performing during the weekend, both locals and national/international acts. There are dozens of local shops, restaurants and galleries to visit; plus vendors, festival merchandise and donated auction items for you to check out.. See you in August!  http://www.idyllwildstrong.com

Fate DeStroyed:





More Music Videos with Franccesca:

Kuza: Bound By Oath

Motionless in White‘s : A-M-E-R-I-C-A Video:

New Years Day: Angel Eyes –

Psyclon 9: Use Once and Destroy

DopeSick: Release Me (featuring Christian Machado of Ill Nino)

She also did some fire/ stage performance for Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare and a video with Vampires Everywhere


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