SOUNDCHECK LIVE NAMM NIGHT Guest Curators Rafael Moreira Tony MacAlpine David Ellefson and Nita Strauss 1/18/2017 

Pics by Tak Ito:



ZERO from Smashing Pumpkings

MR CROWLEY Dewey Bragg on vocals, Jimmy D’Anda on drums, Julia Lage on bass, Howie Simon on guitar and Sklyar Thomas on keayboards

BURN by Deep Purple

Howie on vocals and guitar, Glen Sobel on drums, Julia Lage on bass and Sklar on keys

Wanna Be Staring Something

Carl Restivo Glen Sobel Julia  Lage Fekete Ferlazzo

Magnetico with Rafael Moreira on guitar, Edo Tancredi on drums and Corey McCormick on bass rocked some original tunes (DEATH RACE, THE EMPORER, ORDINARY PEOPLE) and a cover of NO QUARTER from Lef Zeppelin

The Stranger by Tony MacAlpine Glen Sobel Pete Griffin and Nili Brosch was an intense musical experience

Ferlazzo joined T-Mac, Griffin and Sobel for THE PUMP by Jeff Beck

The NUmber of the Beast

Tony  MacAlpine Jill Janus Glen Sobel David Ellefson from Megadeth on bass, Nita Strauss

Run To The Hills

Jill Janus Glen Sobel David Ellefson from Megadeth on bass, Nita Strauss Howie Simon

Hey Stoopid with Stef Bruns on guitar and vocals, Glen Sobel on drums Julia Lage on bass NIta Strauss guitar and Ferlazzo

Electric Eye   Dewey Bragg, Glen Sobel, Julia Lage, Nita Strauss,

Paranoid DEwey Bragg Jimmy D’Anda, David Ellefson, Tony MacAlpine NIta Strauss and Stef Burns


☞Rafael Moreira (Magnetico, Paul Stanley, Rockstar Supernova, P!nk, American Idol, The Voice)

☞Tony MacAlpine (Solo Artist, PSMS, Planet X, Steve Vai)

☞David Ellefson (Megadeth)

☞Nita Strauss (Alice Cooper, Iron Maidens)

☞Steve Ferlazzo (Avril Lavigne, Nuno Bettencourt)

☞Glen Sobel (Alice Cooper)

☞Carl Restivo (Tom Morello, Satellite Party)

☞Steve Fekete (Gwen Stefani, Avril Lavigne)

☞Julia Lage (Richie Kotzen, Kicking Harold)

☞Dewey Bragg (Kill Devil Hill)

☞Elias Mallin (Ke$ha, Kill Hannah)

☞Nick Annis (Blacklight Burns, Limp Bizkit, Ke$ha)

☞Jimmy D’Anda (Lynch Mob, Bulletboys)

☞Allison Iraheta (Solo Artist, Orianthi, Halo Circus)

☞Stef Burns (Huey Lewis, Y&T, Alice Cooper, Vasco Rossi)

☞Howie Simon (Nelson, Alcatrazz, Eric Martin)

☞Corey McCormick (Chris Cornell, Neil Young)

☞Edoardo Tancredi (Magnetico)

☞David Carl Immerman (Avril Lavigne, Juliet Simms, Allison Iraheta)

☞Stephen McSwain (McSwain Guitars)

☞Eric Holden (The BoDeans, Shakira, Josh Groban)

☞Pete Griffin (Paul Gilbert, Tony MacAlpine, Dweezil Zappa)

☞Skylar Thomas (Solo Artist)

☞Barry Pointer (The Anatomy, Methods of Mayhem)

☞Jake Michael Hayden (Missing Persons, Ryan Cabrera)

☞Dylan Wilson (Richie Kotzen, John 5)

☞Nili Brosh (Tony MacAlpine)

☞Lisa Margaroli (Jeff Beck, Linday Perry, Lou Gramm)

☞Electra Barakos (Electra)

☞Chris Black (Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, Lil Wayne)

☞Rob Ramirez

☞Thomas Johnson



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