THAT METAL SHOW at The Wilbur in Boston MA 8/2/2014 by Paul Donahue Jr.

As my buddy Jason and I were walking through the Theater District of Boston we noticed GARY CHERONE approaching.

After a quick chat on Tremont Street, we learned he is the special guest of the show tonight.   Gary is a great guy and this was a most deserving spot for him seeing as though he is a Boston legend and this is a legendary Boston venue.

The Wilbur Theatre was built in 1914 and is an exquisite playhouse.   It has it all, from beautiful wall to wall carpeting, chandeliers, the floor seats have tables that you sit at with servers.   There was even a bathroom attendant at the ready with a squirt of soap and a towel to make things easier…  For a minute there I thought I might have been under-dressed and then Eddie hit the stage wearing a pair of jeans and a UFO T-shirt.  In an instant, I was right at home.

Eddie started the show with a talk about booking guests and how difficult it can be.  The availability of guests at the time they are filming the shows makes it very hard to fill the fans requests for certain guests. Apparently quite a few of you have requested Eddie Van Halen as a guest…it’s not easy.

Then Don Jamieson and Jim Florentine took turns with their stand-up comedy routines.

Joking about music, Facebook, and jerking off to the album cover from Poisons “Look What The Cat Dragged In” — but only a couple more times after he realized they were men!

They were both hilarious..well worth the price of admission if it was just one of these guys for the entire show.

Next, Eddie came back out and joked about going bowling with drunk Ace Frehley.   Ace was bowling shot-put style and the alley called the cops.   After a couple autographs. the police sent Eddie and Ace were on their way without a hitch.

Don and Jim then joined Eddie on stage for a Q&A from the audience. Eddie answered most of the questions while putting up with the usual abuse from Don and Jim, just like on TV.   It was great!  It didn’t matter what the question was, these guys are ball busting professionals.

Then Eddie introduced Gary Cherone to the stage. They talked and joked about Extreme and Van Halen for a bit. Gary answered a few questions from the crowd and then came what it seems everyone was waiting for.   (No, it wasn’t an acoustic moment of “More Than Words”) — it was time for “Stump the Trunk”

Everyone got up and got in line, I swear the line ended at Fenway.   But Eddie stood strong, answering an array of questions accurately.

He got a few wrong and the stumping went on until all the CD’s were gone. One guy wanted a shot at Eddie so bad, but there were no more CD’s. He didn’t care though, he played for the empty Box O’ Junk…and won it. 

The show started at 7:30 and went until 10:00.    We all learned about the politics of TV and music and had a lot of fun doing it.

I definitely recommend seeing this show if it comes through your town.





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