True2Crue Preview for Tribute to Motley Crue on AXS TV’s World’s Greatest Tribute Bands 2/17/2014



Next Monday, AXS TV has a live tribute to Motley Crue on The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands at The Whisky, where they say it all began.

HMH met up with three members of True2 Crue at the Whisky.   Inspired by the music and attitude of Motley Crue, you can expect a true Motley Crue experience.

“No other tribute to Motley Crue more closely captures the live Motley Crue show and experience than TRUE 2 CRUE! From the look of the band, the sonic energy to the perfection of the music, nothing is overlooked…you will swear its 1985 all over again!”

You may know drummer for True2Crue “Larry Lee” as “Alice” in Alice In Cooperland, who played in Season 2.   It’s rather ironic that Motley Crue and Alice Cooper are about to go out on tour again.   In the interview, he also discusses the upcoming release of The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands Vol. 3, which will feature three of their songs

The band said “You can expect a Motley Crue experience….   All the hits all the hair energy through the roof….   The band has a great chemistry and, given how incredible Larry was as Alice Cooper with an elaborate stage set, there should be some welcome surprises at the show.    It will surely get crazy.  Ozzy (guitarist… and potential stand-up comedian) also plays in a GNR tribute and Michael is involved in a “ton of projects”.

The longest standing member of the band, is Chris Sixx, who doesn’t appear in the video, but says his favorite Crue album is “Too fast for Love” and his favrotie Crue tunes are “Looks That Kill” and “Wildside”.

Taime Downe and Katie Daryl  join 3 members of the band and take the place of Chris post-interview.





The band describes Crue’s music and their band:

“As for the music, these are the rock-and-roll party anthems that are etched in our memory banks…    When these songs are performed live and with the spirit of the original, they take you back to an era when Motley Crue shook the earth!”

“The members feed off each other and the audience. Our audience becomes part of the band and they are rabid fans. It gets crazy you never know what is going to happen at a True2Crue show.“

“TRUE 2 CRUE is a true-to-life tribute to not only the most bad-ass party band that has ever hailed from the Hollywood Sunset Strip but to the spirit of an era!”

“TRUE 2 CRUE sets the stage for a night with Vince, Nikki, Tommy and Mick in a transformation that has been described as amazingly authentic.”


They’ve shared the stage with some of the heavier WGTB acts, including Damage Inc.,The Iron Maidens and Queen Nation and list Kenny Metcalf,The Fab 4 and–David Brighton as some of the less “metal” acts that they really admire.    Guitar hero Phil X, who played on Tommy Lee’s solo record and also happens to be the current guitarist in Bon Jovi has jammed with them onstage and T2C said it was “a blast”.

Although already booked for a smaller show, which they honored and played, True2Crue was recently offered a show to 15,000 people, so being in millions of homes should make up for that…

Everything about being around them was funny, but one of the funniest things was when a certain band member said that at some shows at certain casinos are difficult since they’re not allowed to drink at the venue.


You can expect a true Motley Crue experience… all the hits all the hair energy through the roof.

They’ve had involvement with the actual  members of the band.   Vince’s son hung out with them and filled in for them at Cruefest the Whisky

They also met Tommy a few months ago and Larry used to work with Nikki on his merchandise and was in regular contact with him.

   DSC06736 imageDSC06733

True2Crue promises to be a band that exemplifies 80’s hair metal girls and rock-n-roll.   Here’s to that.

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