Dirty O’Keeffe (Stone Sour/Faith No More/Lagwagon) Release New EP ‘Heavy Water’ + Title Track Visualizer For “Heavy Water”

Dirty O’Keeffe

Members Of Stone Stour, Faith No More + Lagwagon Release Brand New EP ‘Heavy Water’Plus Visualizer For Title Track

Rock supergroup Dirty O’Keeffe (consisting of members Christian Martucci of Stone Sour, Billy Gould of Faith No More, Dave Raun of Lagwagon, and Steve Shepard of Trash N’ Privilege) have today dropped their new EP, ‘Heavy Water’ (with artwork done by The Offspring’s Jonah Nimoy). In celebration of the release, the band also released the visualizer for the EP title track “Heavy Water”. Speaking on today’s news, guitarist and vocalist Christian Martuccishares:

“I’m so glad Dave called me to be a part of this. I had a great time working with everyone. There was no overthinking and no agenda… just friends making noise. I loved every minute of it.”

Billy Gould commented: ”The pandemic had a few bright spots for me… and this was one. Great bunch of guys who went into this with genuine enthusiasm. What’s not to like?”

Dave Raun said: “Having had played with all these guys separately before, I was really excited about us all being a part of the same project. We just made music we wanted to make with zero pressure or expectation and lots of laughs. Everybody just brought their thing to the table and it’s a perfect blend.”

Steve Shepard also chimed in: “I have no idea how I fooled these guys to play music with me. Every step of the process, from planning to writing to recording, has been a blast.”

Watch the visualizer for “Heavy Water”here or at the link below and stream the EP here.



Track Listing:

1. Heavy Water

2. Crunchy Bass for Breakfast

3. Cliche Amongst the Prey

4. Million

Production, engineering & mixing: Christian Martucci (Toochtone Sound)

Mastering: Jay Ruston

Artwork: Jonah Nimoy

Video: Galih Panji


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