CueStack Releases Documentary Featuring David Hasselhoff Watch Studio Footage of Hasselhoff Recording METAL Song  “Through the Night”

CueStack shares an exclusive look behind the scenes of the recordings of‘Through the Night,’ David Hasselhoff‘s very first metal performance! Watch the first two episodes of the documentary here:
 Since the release of the song late 2020, the music video has reached 4.5 million views and the song also cracked one million streams on Spotify. “We would have never thought that this unique collaboration would reach so many people”, says Martin Kames, who worked on the project relentlessly with his bandmate and viral status YouTube shredder Bernth“The song is completely self-released and we were overwhelmed by the positive feedback – David did an awesome job in the studio and we’re excited to share weekly episodes of the making of on YouTube!”, adds Bernth. The ‘Through the Night’ EP with David Hasselhoff and various merch bundles are available for physical purchase at CueStack feat. David Hasselhoff – Through the Night (Official Music Video)YouTube-Link: The collaboration started in 2018 and what seemed like an impossible idea slowly turned into a reality. The ultimate goal was to create a metal project with the most-watched man on TV, showing the world his heavy side. David recorded the track with CueStack in 2019 in Vienna where they also shot this epic music video together.CueStack conjured up a dystopian Sci-Fi world in the music video for ‘Through the Night’, continuing the cinematic style that was established with this year’s first single ‘Transhuman Generation’CueStack – Transhuman Generation (Official Music Video)Youtube Link:  About CueStack:
The first full-length CueStack album ‘Diagnosis:Human’ was released to high critical acclaim in 2021.
When the worlds of eccentric lighting / VFX designer Martin Kames and shred guitar content creator Bernth Brodträger collide, explosive music and art manifest in the form of CueStack. An unmistakable blend of metal and electronic music with well established sonic trademarks is the result, paired with an industrial, dystopian corporate identity that is ever-present in the band’s cinematic music videos and artworks.
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About CueStack ‘Through The Night’:
‘Through The Night’ is a project that came to fruition after David openly expressed his interest in heavy music and big appreciation for his fanbase within that genre. His legendary performance at the Austrian Nova Rock festival showed the promise of something very special happening when these two worlds would finally collide.
As life-long David Hasselhoff fans, CueStack (Martin KamesBernth Brodträger) developed the vision for this unique project in 2018. After months of planning, meetings, songwriting and sketching out different ideas, they invited David to join them for a music- and video recording session in Vienna. Both the song and music video were recorded in April 2019 and David went back to California as CueStack and their team put together this vision during the following months.
After Martin contacted and briefed David, working tirelessly on creating an efficient schedule to pull all of this off on just one day, Bernth got to work on different demos and ideas for the song itself. ‘Through The Night’ was an idea for a song that Bernth wrote on the very first day of gathering material for the project. It already resembled the final result quite a bit but in regular CueStack fashion, many additional songs were created, exploring different artistic possibilities. Martin and Bernth eventually settled on the very first idea and demo and showed it to David.
David liked the song right away but wasn’t fond of the first set of lyrics. The song originally told the story of a lone wanderer in a dystopian future scenario, with intentions of capturing the entire journey in the music video, turning it into an epic short film. Without the images and story of the video in mind, the lyrics were too abstract for David‘s taste. So Bernth started from scratch to create the final lyrics, keeping only the original chorus. ‘Through The Night’ is now about pushing through dark times with hope and courage, fighting your way towards the light at the ending of the tunnel. This resonated with David immediately and still made it possible to work in themes of darkness and struggle into the lyrics, while keeping the focus on a positive message.
Due to the very limited timeframe of the music video shooting, CueStack turned the multiple basic sets into impressive, surreal and dystopian digital worlds afterwards. Bernth‘s background and previous experience as a graphic designer came in very handy for creating the digital sets, while Martin handled the extensive cutting process, editing and post-production of the final music video. With this quickly evolving workflow, they could turn those basic two-dimensional sets into vivid images and futuristic landscapes that further express the atmosphere and sound of the song.
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