Kurt Deimer is proud to announce the release of his new single and video, the hard-hitting anthem “Hero,” which he is performing live on the road in direct support of guitar icon Yngwie Malmsteen. The video and single were released today (May 6) on all digital platforms. The follow-up to his ‘Work Hard, Rock Hard’ debut EP, “Hero” also features Deimer’s musical collaborator Phil X (Bon Jovi) on guitar, and production by Grammy Award-winning studio wizard Chris Lord-Alge.

Listen to “Hero”: https://ffm.to/kurtdeimerhero
Watch “Hero”: https://youtu.be/kPzlBPogD1M

“I wrote ‘Hero’ to honor and thank all of the men and women who are frontline workers, who are first responders, who are in our military and our veterans,” explains Deimer. “Without them we could not live free, live safe, or be able to live peacefully in this world. I also wrote ‘Hero’ to point out that anyone can be a hero – your neighbor, the kids playing at the park, a co-worker. Everyday people. Someone gets hurt in a car crash, or is drowning, or needs help crossing the street… No matter where we are, the situation may arise for you to step up and be a hero. That is the essence of this song. Look deep inside, help others whenever you can, and you toocan be a hero. Don’t be selfish. Be kind. Be a hero.”

The song’s video adds a strong and inspirational visual element to the lyrical message. “My creative film partner and director Paul Boyd came to hang at my Cincinnati studio compound, and while he was there I said, ‘We have to shoot a video for our new single ‘Hero’, and we don’t have much time.’ Just like real life heroes don’t have much time to react when they help others, we reacted quickly and shot my footage in front of my green screen. I told Paul that I wanted the video to focus on real life heroes, which you see throughout the video, some current and some mixed from history. We shot Phil X with me in L.A. a week later before he left for the Bon Jovi tour, and our producer Chris Lord-Alge even showed up for a cameo! Heroes are on call 24/7, and we wanted our video to have that same vibe. We show the heroes in color and the performance video of me, Phil X and Chris Lord-Alge in black and white – we’re the same color as newspaper print, and we are telling the story…the story of heroes.” 

Deimer, who made his live debut on the road with Geoff Tate in fall 2021, is currently supporting “Hero” and hisdebut ‘Work Hard, Rock Hard’ EP on the road in the U.S. as direct support for guitar icon Yngwie Malmsteen. “What an honor,” says the frontman. “He’s a master on the guitar, and we are bringing the rock and roll full force with style and flare, passion and expression. There’s no time to sit still.”


05.06.22 Norwalk, CT ​​Wall St Theater
05.07.22 New York, NY​​Gramercy Theater
05.11.22 Toledo, OH​​Stranahan Theater
05.12.22 St. Charles, IL ​​Arcada Theater
05.13.22 Hobart, IN​​​Hobart Art Theater
05.14.22 Cleveland, OH​​The Odeon
05.16.22 Denver, CO​​Oriental Theater 
05.18.22 Reno, NV ​​​Virginia St Brewhouse
05.19.22 Agoura Hills, CA​​Canyon Agoura
05.20.22 Montclair, CA​​Canyone Montclair
05.21.22 Fresno, CA​​Tower Theater
05.22.22 Santa Clarita, CA​​Canyon Santa Clarita
05.24.22 Tempe, AZ​​The Marquee
05.25.22 Tucson, AZ​​Rialto Theater
05.27.22 Dallas, TX​​​Granada Theater 
05.29.22 St. Louis, MO​​Casa Loma Theater
06.01.22 Birmingham, AL​​Iron City
06.02.22 Miramar Beach, FL​Lucille’s Music Hall
06.03.22 Orlando, FL​​Plaza Live 
06.04.22 Ft. Lauderdale, FL​Parker Playhouse




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