The Dead Daisies – Bustle and Flow (Live From Daisyland)

This is the second single in the LIVE FROM DAISYLAND series recorded at the legendary Rock City music venue in Nottingham, England last year. 

This track is injected with both the power and soul of Glenn’s commanding vocals, the attacking riffs of Doug and David and the heavy-hitting drums of Tommy. 

“Always great to play this song live. We had a blast on the UK tour last year and this song totally rocked the crowd. Nothing like an energetic audience to inspire us to deliver a full-on dose of ROCK.” – Doug Aldrich 

Stream ‘Bustle And Flow (Live From Daisyland)’ on digital platforms, turn it up, and check out the video with live footage from the tour as well as some rare behind the scenes moments!

Kicking off on Monday, the band start recording their new album!

Expect to hear a new single towards the end of May!!


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