How much does it cost to press 100 vinyl records?

Last year’s vinyl sales have been the best it has ever been after CDs took over the music industry 35 years ago. It even surpassed CDs sales and has gradually been increasing since then. Due to this, many artists have been releasing their singles and albums on vinyl records. Still, many musicians are scared of venturing into it because of how costly its production can be.

Well you don’t need to have to be scared anymore. Because of how on demand vinyl records are, vinyl manufacturers are now offering short run vinyl pressings for 100 units. Some manufacturers in the US also offer less than 100, they offer short run vinyl pressing in 25 units! But you will sure question the quality of the record pressings, right?

So how much does it cost to press 100 vinyl records?

To answer you honestly, we cannot really say because it depends on many things that may add or subtract cost. But we have estimated it to be around $1,850 – $2500. Here’s the breakdown:

Vinyl pressing = $800 – $1580

Test pressing = $120

Vinyl record sleeves = $200 (can still increase)

When you try this short run vinyl pressing, I’m sure you are also looking for a package deal where mastering is also part of the deal. One thing to keep in mind is that the settings used for mastering these short run vinyl orders would be generic and won’t fix or improve the flaws of your submitted master recording. There are still test pressing options for this service so it would be best to avail them if you are not confident.

Remember how I said that short run vinyl pressing costs can still increase or decrease? Well here are the factors that can explain the increase or can help you decrease the costs:

Record weight

Record weights can affect the sound a vinyl record produces. They say that the heavy weights produce better sound than the standard weight since it stabilizes the record on the turntable. So to put it simply, if you choose to have the heavier one then it would cost you more since it is better. If you’re on a tight budget, then it would be best to have the 140 grams. Don’t worry, standard weight is still good.

Standard weight for 7”, 10”, and 12” vinyl records are as follows: 42 grams, 110 grams, and 140 grams. The heavy weight on the other hand is 70 grams for 7” records and 180 grams for 10” and 12” records.

Vinyl Record Design

The design of the vinyl record can greatly affect the costs you will be paying. The more colors you use and the more uniquethe design of your vinyl record is, the more expensive it is. If you think you already have a very vibrant or attractive artwork, then I suggest you have a more simple design on your record. You can have the standard black or maybe just the mono colored vinyl record. If you really want to have that unique vinyl record design then maybe you will have to adjust the artwork instead.


Artworks are those that are printed onto your vinyl jackets. Nowadays, artworks are also printed on sleeves, and this is what adds up to your costs. As I’ve said, if you want to have that cool and awesome vinyl record design, then you will probably have to leave your inner sleeves blank or at most have minimal design. But if you think you have a better artwork for the inner sleeve than a design for your record then go for that eye catching printed inner sleeve.

Universal Product Code

Universal Product Code or UPC is also known as the barcode which is very much needed when you plan to sell your vinyl albums in stores. If you plan to then you will need to have this and mind you that will cost you a small sum.

If you have your own physical or online store, then it would be best to not have this added. That’ll help you save more.

Production Time

This is another way you can cut down cost. Production time is the time you give your manufacturer to work on your short run vinyl pressing. If you choose less time then it will surely cost you more, since they might have to over time or increase manpower to meet your deadline. The least time you can choose is 6 weeks, which will be roughly 3 months after your approval.

There are so many ways you can make an affordable vinyl record and so many surefire ways to sell them. Go ahead and give your fans a treat!


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