Are chefs the new rock stars? Phil Hulett, co-founder of Los Angeles’ legendary KNAC.COM, thinks so. The website is launching a new kind of cooking web series, “King of the Kitchen,” on May 15th at 1:00 PM on KNAC.COM.

Hulett had this to say about the upcoming show, “After 20 years of slaying the Pure Rock dragons, KNAC.COM is ready to enjoy the spoils of victory. When we we sit down to the feasting table we demand the best, prepared by the best. Enter Chef Paul Moss’ ‘King of the Kitchen.’ He’ll let down his hair, sharpen his steel and gut the beast for our recommended dose of delicious. Eat up and enjoy the new regular KNAC.COM feature, ‘King of the Kitchen.’


Filmed in the beautiful wine country of Eastern Washington, Hedges Family Estate hosts this world class chef: His Rockin’ Highness, Master Chef Paul Moss.

Affectionately dubbed “HRH Chef Mossy,” he brings his rock n’ roll flair and astute Englishisms along with a few notable music guests on this unique adventure of a cooking show like no other. UK-born, educated and trained in Oxford, Chef Mossy graduated from the same culinary school as his senior, Gordon Ramsay, and shares a very similar pedigree having trained and worked in some of the most prestigious UK restaurants in Oxford, London and Edinburgh.


Why is he called His “ROCKIN’” Highness? For the last three decades when he wasn’t in the kitchen creating fabulous dishes for dignitaries, nobility and rock stars such as Charlie Watts of The Rolling Stones, you could find him rockin’ on stage as a freelance guitar tech/stage manager or in the audience as an avid fan. He’s been part of literally hundreds of shows at many legendary venues including The Marquee, The Hammersmith Odeon, The O2 Arena and The Astoria in London. Of the innumerable shows he’s worked on, of note is his work for Smallwood Taylor Enterprises, now known as Sanctuary Group (The Who, Iron Maiden, Guns ‘N’ Roses and Beyonce) as well as Rammstein’s first appearance in the UK. Most recently he was called in as crew on Bonzo Bash & Randy Rhoads Remembered.


Managing Editor of KNAC.COM Larry Petro said, “I’m super stoked to be able to bring the KNAC.COM faithful this brand new series! This show will be a game changer and will once again prove that KNAC.COM is indeed ‘The Loudest Dot Com On The Planet’!”

One part cooking, one dash of rock n’ roll, add a pinch of humor, and out of the oven comes one hot cooking show.

Phil Hulett & Friends Interview (starts at approx. 00:21)

The Liquid Conversations w/ Shawn SixX

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