Andrew Miller is a guitar builder in Southern California.  If you live anywhere near Hollywood or have been to NAMM in the last few years, then you’ve probably seen his attention-grabbing van and maybe even grabbed your phone and taken a picture of it.   After several years of seeing this van and laughing each time, it was only fitting to find out more about it, the person and line of products behind it.   The website and social media accounts are hilarious and deserve some type of award.

In the video interview below, Miller discusses building his company with its controversial brand of guitars, the company vehicle, the challenges he’s faced at NAMM, and voices his opinion with some choice words about various subjects, including a certain guitar company and social media platform.   If you get easily offended, here’s a Winger concert review instead.

Want to be considered for a guitar endorsement?   This has to be the best application you’ll ever fill out. The merch on the site (even the description is funny) ranges from stickers and shirts to an item with nearly an $80000 price tag.

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Rusty Coones playing a Vagina at Ultimate Jam Night Band Night

This guy won free Vagina on the Sunset Strip at UJN 69.

And the reaction to his van on social media is worth taking a look at as well:

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