Kobra Kai at the 1150 Oak Bar and Grill Cranston Rhode Island 4/4/2015 by Paul Donahue, Jr.

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“Kobra Kai delivers the music the way they describe it on their shirts…
Fast, Loud and Drunk.”

by Paul Donahue, Jr.  HMH East Coast

KOBRA KAI line-up:

Marc Lopes -Vocals – (Meliah Rage / Hellspeak / Let Us Prey) @MetalMarcLopes

Jonathan Donais  Guitarist (Anthrax / Shadows Fall) @jonshadfall1

Felipe Roa Guitarist (Shadows Fall / Acaro) @Roa5150

Matt Bachand Bass (Shadows Fall) @mattowsfall

Mike Bartlett -Drums – (ex-All That Remains)

When the stars align and these guys are all on a break from their full-time bands, they get together for a gig or two.

This time, it happened  to be on Johnny Rock n Rolls birthday!    What a blast they had on stage.

Originally a cover band from western Massachusetts, the group says, “The way we see it, our time would usually consist of heading out to a bar, checking out a band and having many drinks… So why not get on stage and have a good time as well?!  And you are not going to see the typical cover-band bullshit. Just kick-ass drunken madness!”

The screaming vocals from Marc Lopes kicked the set of 80’s “Hair Metal” tunes right in the ass.  It’s not very often a Def Leppard song gets stuck in
my head (maybe 3 times in my entire life) but, Kobra Kai’s version of “Let It Go” has still got me finger tappin’  days later!

The crowd had a blast listening too and watching the performance.   The band thought we were pretty awesome too. In fact, Felipe said he
thought we were so awesome that when he has his first kid, he’s going to  name him “Cranston, Rhode Island!”

1150 Oak Bar & Grill owners/brothers Rick and Henry Ottaviano sure know how to throw a party, while running around making sure everyone is taken care of.   There is a bunch of Rock n Roll and Metal coming to Cranston, Rhode Island because of these two.  



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