SchwarZenator Announces Their Next Show at The Viper Room on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood on March 28, 2015


SchwarZenator returns to The Viper Room on March 28 for another fantastic display of musicianship to honor the former governor of California and legendary actor and bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The self proclaimed “Greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger tribute band” recently released a new track that  is intended for the new “The Legend of Conan” film featuring Arnold himself.


  Upcoming show at The Viper Room on March 28, 2015



The half comedy show/half hard rock tribute to the former “Governator” released its first full length album in 2010, and since has done the holiday single, “Jingle All the Way” and collaborative videos with several popular YouTube celebrities.   “Conan:The Barbarian“, the new song from SchwarZenatoR,  premiered on Tuesday March 3rd with “many other songs, events, collaborations and comedic videos to follow”.

SchwarZenatoR’s new song, which was specifically made for the new Conan movie:

The track features a Sumerian March, with orchestrations by composer Ariel Mann and mastering by Maor Appelbaum.

OrderConan:The Barbarian”

Along with impressive musical performances, fans of the former “Governator” and heavy rock/metal music will find a lot of brilliant humor interspersed with this clever and very original concept.

All joking and fun aside, this band puts out some serious music at a level that very few bands are capable of achieving and their live performances are an experience to behold.

Despite losing former KORN guitarist and founding stOrk and SchwarZenatoR member Shane Gibson earlier in 2014, the band decided to carry on and is forging ahead with new songs as well as the creation of “The Greatest Evening of Entertainment Ever” – an EXTREME evening of music.

JP Von Hitchburg as Conan (Vocals)

Jonathan Weed as John Matrix (Guitar)

Eloy Palacios as Ben Richards (Bass)

Pete Pace as Turbo Man (Drums)

In Memoriam: Shane Gibson as Terminator: Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 (Guitar)






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