ARCH ENEMY House of Blues Sunset 11/11/2014

All metal shows should be this great.   Arch Enemy truly is a fantastic metal band.    

The show at the House of Blues on National Metal Day (11/11) rocked throughout with serious musicianship and killer tunes.  

Alissa White-Gluz is an incredibly powerful lead vocalist with a dominating, take-no-prisoners vocal style. 

Paired perfectly with music that matches her aggressive, intense and awesome vocal style, there aren’t too many bands out there that come close to their live show for a true metal experience.     Arch Enemy are super heroes of heavy metal. 

This show easily warrants a trip to Anaheim later today to see them play again.    



DSC09208 DSC09218

DSC09211 DSC09228

DSC09212 DSC09214 DSC09215 DSC09235 DSC09230 DSC09234



DSC09270 DSC09247 DSC09261 DSC09260

DSC09279 DSC09273





Michael Amott
Daniel Erlandsson
Sharlee D’Angelo
Nick Cordle
Alissa White-Gluz



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