NILE with KAUSTIK House of Blues Sunset Strip 5/6/2014

Photography by Brad Worsham

Technical death metal band NILE was founded by Karl Sanders over 20 years ago.


In 2005, they opened for King Diamond at the very same venue with their relatively new drummer at the time, George Kollias.

They made a stop into Hollywood for the third leg of their  “At The Gate of Sethu” headlining tour.

Local metal quarter Kaustik opened the show early with a short, decent set of death metal songs to the early bird head banging crowd.

The intermission between bands lasted longer than the opening set.

During this time, the music in the concert hall was pretty hysterical – they played a Crowded House song and an entire side of an old Whitesnake album.   It was rather amusing.


Nile’s set started and the madness ensued.   Nile has an Egyptian theme to their music and, in many ways, experiencing their show was somewhat reminiscent of  going on the Revenge of The Mummy ride at Universal Studios.   With their growling vocals, super-fast guitars and super-human blast beats, it was fast and a bit scary.   Long time member Dallas Toler-Wade sang and played guitar alongside Karl Sanders and newest band member, bassist Todd Ellis.  Karl rocked the Egyptian Ankh with a black T-shirt while Dallas had a beer and flipped off some Lynyrd Skynard fan in the crowd.


The fans thoroughly enjoyed being flipped off.




George Kollias was in the back perched up high on a drum riser firing off vicious blast beats.    It was difficult to see him perform since he was in the far back with no lighting on him.  It would have been nice to be able to get a glimpse of his footwork on the bass drums and powerful approach to playing drums, but at least his playing was aloud and easy to hear.   Each song he plays is a drum solo in itself and the endurance and precision he displays is beyond impressive.






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