MIKE TRAMP The Whisky A-Go-Go 3/19/2014

Like his performance here last year with Oz and Michael from Stryper (And the time I saw White Lion open for Ozzy in the 80s), this was a great show.  Mike played some solo tune and some of the White Lion hits.  He talked honestly about being a big rock star and then having to take a huge step back when grunge messed up metal in the 90s.    His songs were pretty deep and had very meaningful lyrics.  And the acoustic arrangements/ versions of the old hits were also excellent.    “Radar Love” had kind of a country feel to it and he did a good job improvising and covering sections where the guitar solos and other stuff would have gone.  He also had funny KISS jokes and told cool stories like when Brian Johnson of AC/DC was thankful there were girls in the crowd at the shows back when White Lion toured with them.

I-phone pics and videos:

As with the last time he played the Whisky, after the show, he did an informal meet and greet upstairs.  Very cool!  A couple dudes came all the way from Germany for the show.




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