Katie Daryl introduced GUNS4ROSES and brought The Roxy back to 27 years ago when Guns N Roses did one of their best gigs ever in the exact same venue.

The band is based out of Texas and immediately threw down with “Welcome To The Jungle” and then went right into “Mr. Brownstone”.

From there, they skipped a few years ahead and did “Lie and Let Die” and alternated back and forth with the Appetite for Destruction and the Lose Your Illusion albums with “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door”, “Nightrain” and web to to commercial break with  “Don’t Cry”.

The band members definitely sport hilarious stage names – IZZY AXL (Is he Axl?), IZZY SLASH, IZZY DUFF, IZZY STEVEN ADLER and the most clever IZZY IZZY (Is he Izzy?)  Was he?  He could have been….

They came back to “November Rain” and rocked out to “Paradise City” to close out the live telecast.  Fans in attendance then got a special encore of “You Could Be Mine”.

This show was a lot of fun and, along with having a fantastic set list,  the band did a great job paying tribute to GnR.