On my way into The Viper Room, I thought about my trip to Universal Studios last week when I realized that the Terminator 2 3-D show has been completely shut down, as they’re building something new (and probably lame) in its place.   Along with the Gibson Amphitheatre shutting down this summer (for the ultra-lane new Harry Potter attraction), Universal just seems to keep dishing out the bad news this year.   Since I really don’t see the point in going to Universal Studios or City Walk anymore, I went ahead and threw away my annual pass, which doesn’t expire until sometime next year.  It doesn’t really matter anymore.  Case closed.

SchwarZenatoR cheered me up about all that with their incredibly touching tribute to Arnold Schwarzenegger.  I figured it was going to rock, but had no idea it would be this intensely amusing and technically brilliant.    The guys jokingly walked around the stage using their fake Austrian accents and “Arnoldisms”, while pictures of Arnold and lyrics displayed on the wall while playing music that was in no way a joke.    I haven’t seen a band shred like this in quite a while and their style of music is unique and extraordinary.   Everything about this band was magnificent – from the killer bass playing, to the monster drumming, guitar shredding and great singing, they put on a truly incredible performance.

They even played a little Slayer as a tribute to Jeff Hanneman and then went right back to rocking the Arnold-themed tunes.   This was a devastating set of brutally cool tunes.    I feel stupid for not buying a bunch of their merch after the show.   This is definitely a band I look forward to seeing again…  I need to see this band again.

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