Steel Panther House of Blues Sunset Strip 2/18/2013 with Matt Sorum


Hands down, Steel Panther is the most fun you can have on a school night, not to mention a Monday evening. The singing and the guitar are always top notch, as is the comedic content. I am aware that they sometimes play to backing tracks and may not always be playing everything live, but I don’t care. The amount of celebs and rock stars that play with them (some great , some not) is staggering. And I prefer their originals to the classic rock/metal songs that they typically play better than the original recording artists. On Mondays, they usually do more covers than originals, but no complaints either way. Out of the dozens of times I’ve seen them, they’ve only played kind of poorly once.



I can’t help but be reminded of the good old days of the Country Club in Reseda during the good old thrash metal and hair metal days. Lots of alcohol, shredding music, goofy outfits and women with minimal clothing. Watching women get naked for Warrant was always better than hearing their opening sets for bands that never made it, but should have.

Steel Panther played an awesome set tonight with a lot of originals. 

Jason Bonham, Glen Sobel and Yael were all at the show, but Matt Sorum was the drummer that ended  playing Zeppelin and Guns-N-Roses tunes, along with Joe Lester on the bass. 








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