Dee Snider, Michael Starr, Johnny Gieoli Howie Simon and Kee Marcello Featured on official music video for Save the Noize 2

Official music video for Save the Noize 2 by Save The Noize

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Video by: Martin Sweet Music: Erik Modin Lyrics: Erik Modin & Martin Sweet Mixed by: Roger Bergsten at Nevo Studios Mastered by: Thomas ”Plec” Johansson Artwork by: Michelle Rudolfsson

Save the Noize 2 is performed by: Dee Snider – Vocals (Twisted Sister, Solo) Michael Starr – Vocals (Steel Panther) Johnny Gieoli – Vocals (Hardline) Howie Simon – Vocals/Guitar (Jeff Scott Soto, Stryper) Kee Marcello – Guitar (Ex. Europe, Kee Of Hearts, Out Of This World). Jimmy Jay – Bass (H.E.A.T) Eric Bazilian – Vocals (The Hooters) Martin Thomander – Guitar (Electric Boys) Per Soläng – Drums (Corroded) Chaq Mol – Guitar (Dark Funeral) Martin Sweet- Vocals (Crashdiet) Niklas Isfeldt – Vocals (Dream Evil) Nalle Colt – Guitar (Vintage Trouble) Carl Sentence – Vocals (Nazareth) Jens Werner – Rhythm Guitar (Veritas) Corey Duvette (Rasmus Harnesk Wiklund) – Backup Vocals/Choir (Veritas, solo) Jesper Lindgren – Rhythm Guitar (Velvet Insane) Alex Kron – Keyboard/Organ (Bad Baron) David Åkesson – Backup Vocals/Choir/Arrangement of choirs (Qantice)

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