Shred RACERS ONLINE F2 Live Stream Show Featuring Some of Japan’s Finest Technical Guitarists Including Li-sa-X, SAKI and Ediee Ironbunny

TOKYO - 9/26 14:00 (JST / UTC+0900)

LOS ANGELES - 9/25 22:00 (PDT)

NEW YORK - 9/26 01:00 (EDT)

LONDON - 9/26 6:00 (BST)

BERLIN - 9/26 7:00 (CEST)

Li-sa-X, SAKI (Mary’s Blood, NEMOPHILA), and Ediee Ironbunny(IRONBUNNY) are confirmed to perform live during Shred RACERS ONLINE F2, an epic shred battle between some of Japan’s most brilliant guitarists. Presented by Japanese magazine YOUNG GUITAR and Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, the show will be live-streamed worldwide from a live venue in Tokyo with no audience onSaturday, September 26 at 2pm Japan time!

The performers include; SAKI, a female guitarist who performs in multiple projects such as Mary’s Blood and NEMOPHILA, Li-sa-X, a 15-year-old guitar prodigy, and Ediee Ironbunny, the cyborg guitarist of IRONBUNNY. In addition, Fuki from Unlucky Morpheus, and Kotono and Minami of IRONBUNNY will also perform as guest vocalists.

Buy tickets here:

Shred RACERS ONLINE is a concert series that started last month, which regularly hosts a special live performance where guitar aficionados can enjoy super plays by Japanese guitarists with outstanding techniques. From the original songs of each artist to the covers of guitar classics, as well as a jam session by the participating artists, the ultimate shred battle will be delivered to your home live from Tokyo.

Tickets to stream the event are available now on the official website. In addition to the general tickets, there are special tickets that come with a download code which allows you to download a new collaboration track written by the three performers: Li-sa-X, SAKI, and Ediee Ironbunny.

Tickets are sold in USD (US dollars) as well as Japanese yen, and the event can be viewed from all over the world.

Watch the Shred RACERS Online F2 trailer here:

YOUNG GUITAR x Nippon Cultural Broadcastings presents

Live show with Japanese technical guitarists


Streaming Live date

2020/9/26(Sat.) START 14:00 JST/ UTC+0900




Ediee Ironbunny (IRONBUNNY)

Fuki(Unlucky Morpheus) *Guest vocalist

Kotono (IRONBUNNY) *Guest vocalist

Minami (IRONBUNNY) *Guest vocalist

Ticket type

Standard viewing tickets

4,500 yen (tax included) (*priced at $45 in USD)

Streaming ticket + exclusive original new song download

5,500 yen (tax included) (*priced at $55 in USD)

A viewing ticket with code to download a new collaboration song written by SAKI, Li-sa-X, and Ediee Ironbunny.

The download code for the song will be sent by email as soon as the download distribution is ready. The PIN code is not yet available at the time of ticket purchase.

Buy tickets here:

Ticket sales period

On sale now – until Saturday, September 26, 2020 at 14:00

JST (Japan time) / UTC +9:00

Official Site

Online Store






Shinko Music Entertainment Inc.

Nippon Cultural Broadcasting

Trihexa Recordings


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