KANE ROBERTS Announces Director’s Cut of “Beginning of the End,” Featuring Alice Cooper and Alissa White-Gluz


KANE ROBERTS Announces Director’s Cut of “Beginning of the End,” Featuring Alice Cooper and Alissa White-Gluz
Alice Cooper and Alissa White-Gluz Comment on Collaboration
Guitarist KANE ROBERTS has announced a special upcoming director’s cut of his video for the song “Beginning of the End,” featuring appearances by the legendary Alice Cooperand Arch Enemy vocalist Alissa White-Gluz.
Watch the original video for “Beginning of the End” at https://youtu.be/hhpOwuw-BsQ.
“Beginning of the End,” which appears on last year’s The New Normal, is a powerful track that required equally powerful voices and personalities to bring it to life.
“When Alice Cooper and Alissa White-Gluz both agreed to be in our ‘Beginning of the End’ video, I was blown away,”ROBERTS says. “Once the shock wore off, I realized I’d created the perfect storm. There was so much electricity in the air that it was obvious there was no safe place on the set, and the job was to capture it all in camera! As expected, their performances were truly iconic and I believe we created something both original and powerful.”
ROBERTS’ musical co-stars were equally enthusiastic about the collaboration on “Beginning of the End.”
“I go out of my way to work with Kane any time I can,” Alice Cooper says.“He’s truly a great guitarist with the brain of THANOS!”
Adds Alissa Gluz-White, “Working with Kane for ‘The Beginning of the End’ was interesting and challenging. To establish oneself in a song alongside Alice Cooper is no easy task! I feel we created a narrative in the song that just begged for a storybook type of video, so we got together and did that too!”
Most widely known for his work with Alice Cooperthe mid to late ‘80s, ROBERTS’ studied Contemporary Music and Liberal Arts/Humanities at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston. ROBERTS’ resume includes a variety of work with high-profile artists including Rod Stewart, Alice CooperSteve VaiDesmond Child, KISS, Diane Warren, Berlin, Guns N’ Roses and more. He has also written and/or recorded music for films such as Light Sleeper, Penelope Spheeris’ Decline of Western Civilization, Friday the 13th IV Jason Lives, and John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness.
In addition to his musical career, ROBERTS has in acted in several films, including Wes Craven’s Shocker and John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness. Along with director Mike Goedecke, ROBERTS also created a rollercoaster of a sci-fi short film, Embryo, which features an engaging story, stunning special effects and evocative soundtrack.

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