San Diego’s longest running, still active heavy metal band CAGE have announced 2 new exciting releases and a European mini tour.

Their 5th studio album has been remixed, remastered, and partially re-recorded to modern day standards, and is being called SCIENCE OF ANNIHILATION  RE-ANNIHILATED.  The digipak will be released November 15, 2019 through STEEL CARTEL and features brand new cover art and 2 unreleased bonus tracks. Guitarist David Garcia says, “This album is where we took a very heavy, thrash oriented direction, and I really wanted to hear it in all of its intended glory.  So we asked our current drummer SEAN ELG to re-record all of the drums and I went to work on remixing the entire record all over again.”

Vocalist SEAN PECK said “This is my favorite CAGE record, and when Dave suggested we make it sound right I was stoked.  I re-sang a couple of parts and we had to re-do some guitars too but I love how it came out!  The fact we were able to throw some bonus tracks on there makes it really cool too.  This album was highly praised in the press back 10 years ago, when it first came out and many of these songs are still in our live set.  MARC SASSO did a killer job on the new cover art.  It is a different look for us and shows what came next after the original cover art scene depiction.  Basically it is the armies of hell going into battle!”

Also being released on Nov 15, 2019 for the first time ever is their classic DARKER THAN BLACK album on double vinyl.  This album garnered 10 album of the year awards and was widely heralded as perhaps CAGE’s finest achievement.  Now it will be able to be heard on turntables all over the world with a limited run of only 500 units being pressed in 2 colors, Darker Than Black Black and Blood of the Innocent Red.

Cage is offering a special SCIENCE OF THE BLACK bundle package for both items that comes with a free turntable mat with all new artwork from MARC SASSO  (DIO, HALFORD, ADRENALINE MOB). 

For ordering information, visit

“Across the Sea of Madness” video from their 2015 Ancient Evil album,

To celebrate these new releases CAGE will be embarking on a quick mini tour in Europe where these new products will also be available.
Confirmed tour dates:
November 29  Renchen Germany  The Come Inn

November 30  Douai France           Heavy Metal Destruction Festival (headliner)
December 1    Hautrage Belgium    Canal 10
December 3    Moers Germany       Dschungel Club
December 4    Breda Netherlands    Bel Air
December 5    Bilzen Belgium         South Of Heaven
December 6   Geleen Belgium        Der Meister
December 7   Kuurne Belgium        Blast From The Past Festival


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