New Album Announced by Prey For Sunday Featuring Neal Grusky of Takara

Prey for Sunday is the brainchild of Sacramento-native-turned-LA guitarist Neal Grusky, who shaped the band’s identity with a nod to avant-garde mod metal, thrash and deathcore. 

Prey for Sunday is a high-energy band on a mission to transcend and uplift human kind during their darkest hours. Guitar-driven, vintage metal melodies and old-school songwriting with prominent catchy hooks

As founding member and lead guitarist of Takara, Neal Grusky recorded 6 studio albums for record labels in the U.S., Europe, and Japan with such members as Jeff Scott Soto (singer/producer) Bob Daisley (bass) Gus (singer) Gary Schutt (bass) Bjorn Englen (bass) and Patrick Johannsen (drums).

I’ve known Neal Grusky for decades and his drive to create is as fresh today as it was on the many albums we’ve worked on together. I’m honored to be his friend and colleague; may this next and new musical chapter fill many souls!”

Jeff Scott Soto

“Neal is an awesome songwriter and musician, not to mention a long time loyal close friend. I wish his new project great success,”

Bjorn Englen, bassist for Foundry, Soul Sign, and Dio Disciples

Grusky‘s passion is to create new ways to interpret sound, serving freshly organic metal melodies which transports his fans into ethereal states on a journey of self-discovery through his musical score. 

Tony Persico is Prey For Sunday’s lyrical foundation; capturing in his songwriting the raw emotions he experienced through his own dark, deep struggles as a human finding his way in a turbulent world and describes his message to his listeners and all people who are struggling. 

The band plans to release an album in 2019, hit stages across America, Japan, Germany, Canada, Africa, the UK and aspire to build a loyal fanbase of followers who are inspired to be a “little less lonely and feel more human.” 

The album is best described as a self-contained musical story of optimism, realism, and emotion… infused with a creative blend of heavy tones and captivating riffs.

Follow Prey for Sunday on Instagram, Facebook, and Twittering for the latest updates on their recording sessions and tour dates.


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