Ultimate Jam Night hosted “AEROSMITH NIGHT” at The Whisky on 1/31/2017


Those in attendance and viewing on ZINNA.TV around door time saw THE YOUNG ROYALS starting the show at 9PM with a full set of impressive originals with a Beatles cover, “A Day In The Life”, to close out their set. The band consists of Ryan Brown On drums, Shannon Bizzy on bass, Johnny Blade on lead guitar and Eric Bradley on guitar and vocals.

Ultimate Jam Night then went on to pay tribute to Aerosmith with a evening’s worth of Aerosmith classics.    Attendees around the venue were sharing their favorite Aerosmith stories, albums and songs with each other and the show itself didn’t disappoint with many great highlights.

Tracii Guns joined the UJN house band of Matt Starr, Chuck Wright, Walter Ino and Paulie Z and rocked on songs throughout the evening, playing on Toys In the Attic, Adam’s Apple,  Seasons of Wither and Guns also rocked the talk box on “Sweet Emotion” with Toshi Yanagi of The  Jimmy Kimmel Show, Kara Britz, Matt Starr, Chuck,  Toshi Yanagi, and Paulie Z.

Other highlights of the evening included remarkable performances by Joe Retta of The Sweet and TSO, who was joined by Toshi Yanagi  and Howie Simon of Nelson on guitar, Captain Chuck Wright and Clackers Kay on bass, Christopher Allis and Dan Potruch on drums and the horn section of Katja Rijckermann and Jeff Lewis as the horn section for “Same Old Song and Dance” and “Last Child.”

Members of Future Villains performed “Cryin” and “Love In An Elevator”, with a great vocal performance by  Dusty Bo and great backing from the rest of the players, including FV guitarist Clay Davies, and the Katja/Jeff horn section.

Keith St. John, Stephen Mills, Jerry Best, SKID ROW‘s Scotti Hill, and Michael Martinsson performed WALKING IN THE SAND and KINGS AND QUEENS with Steve Wilson, Jerry Best, Tracii Guns, Frank Wilsey, Sven Martin, Koi Anunta performing.

The show closed with “Train Kept a Rollin” with multi-instrumentalist  Walter Ino on the B3, Paulie Z on vocals, Matt Starr on drums, Chuck Wright on bass, with Tracii Guns and Scotti Hill on guitar.

Photos by Manny Dominguez


TOYS IN THE ATTIC Paulie Z, Matt Starr, Chuck Wright, Tracii Guns, Walter Ino

ADAM’S APPLE Paulie, Matt, Al Kim, Tracii, Frankie Wilsey

NOBODY’S FAULT Derek Day, Stephen Mills, Dan Spree, Derek, Michael Martinsson

SEASONS OF WITHER Matt, Christopher Allis, Clacker’s Kay, Tracii Guns, Michael Martinsson (acoustic), Walter, Koi

JADED Adi Argelazi, Chris Allis, Steve McGrath, Frankie Wilsey, Yohai Portal

LICK AND A PROMISE Chas, Steve Wilson, Steve McGrath, Jimmy Burkard, Derek Day

EAT THE RICH Keith Englund, Matt Hankle, Al Kim, Omar Gusmao, Walter Ino, (Allis/Paulie percussion)

WALKING IN THE SAND Keith St. John, Stephen Mills, Jerry Best, Scotti Hill, Michael Martinsson

KINGS AND QUEENS Keith, Steve Wilson, Jerry Best, Tracii Guns, Frank Wilsey, Sven Martin, Koi Anunta

SWEET EMOTION Chas West, Matt Starr, Chuck, Tracii (talk box), Toshi Yanagi, Paulie Z percussion

DREAM ON Debby Holiday, Matt, Chuck, Jimmy Burkhard, Walter Ino guitar, Matthew Jordan, Koi

DUDE LOOKS LIKE A LADY Paulie, Steve Wilson, Chuck, Omar Gusmao, Frankie Wilsey, Sven, Katja/Jeff Lewis

LAST CHILD Joe Retta, Dan Potruch, Chuck, Toshi, Howie, Chris Allis (percussion) Katja/Jeff

SAME OLD SONG AND DANCE Joe Retta, Dan Potruch, Clackers, Toshi, Howie, Katja/Jeff

BIG TEN INCH Maureen, T Alex Budrow, Johnny “Spazz” Hatton, Scott McLean, Walter Ino, Joe Retta (harp), Katja/Jeff

CRYIN Dusty Bo, Kenny Dale, David Ellis, Danny Hechter, Clay Davies, Sven Martin, Katja/Jeff, Lucia Marco (BGS)

LOVE IN AN ELEVATOR Dusty Bo, Kenny Dale, David Ellis, Danny Hechter, Clay Davies,

MAMA KIN Keith Englund, Matt Hankle, Mike Roberts, Frankie Wilsey, Gerard Steixner, Katja/Jeff

WALK THIS WAY Paulie Z, Johnny Mar/Adi Argelazi, Chaun Horton, Mike Roberts, Stuart Smith, Gerard Steixner

ROUND AND ROUND Cherokee, Todd Vinciguerra, Dan Spree, Yohai Portal, Walter Ino

TRAIN KEPT A ROLLIN Paulie, Matt, Chuck, Tracii, Scotti Hill, Walter (B3)


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