Ancient Spell, Whiskey-a-Go-Go  8/22/2015 by Johnny Blade

  The return of one of L.A.’s premier metal bands, Ancient Spell, at the Whiskey-a-Go-Go on Saturday was a rockin’ event.   With a packed house they commanded the attention of the audience in high energy as they brought the Doom!!  

This was the first show of their West Coast Tour in support of their forthcoming CD “Forever In Hell”, available on September 8th from Minotauro Records. The addition of lead vocalist Donnie Marhefka and guitarist Dan Rado round out the lineup with drummer Rob Thompson, bassist Jeff Clark & the band’s creator / lead guitar/ vocals, Conrad Viz. They were on fire playing many songs from the new CD such as Under Your Spell & Cease to Exist, as well as classics like Bleeding Black & Wizard Ov Doom.  

Right out of the gate they filled the room with brutal riffs, powerful drums, a tag team of killer vocals, beautiful dual guitar harmonies, blistering leads, and fat bass. Combine all that with an energetic stage show & revving up the crowd to show their horns, made it a great interactive experience that made the night unforgettable. All in all, it was evident that they had a lot of fun, which the crowd picked up on & joined their enthusiasm.     

As they continue the tour in Northern Cali, their next local SoCal gig is on September 12 in Tarzana, CA  with NightSword, Vile Sin, & Same Vein. Be sure to check it out, & follow them on


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