Breathe: A Tribute to the Music of Pink Floyd Cotuit Center for the Arts. Barnstable Cape Cod, MA 3/27 – 3/28/2015

image57 Heavy presents Breathe A Tribute to the music of Pink Floyd. Friday March 27th and Saturday March 28th at the Cotuit Center for the Arts. Barnstable, Cape Cod, MA – by PAUL DONAHUE, JR. 

Breathe’s last show here was SOLD OUT and, as expected,  both of these shows were SOLD OUT as well 

So they decided to double up.  Good call right there! Everyone was very happy with the stage show tonight, here is a taste of what we got…

Set 1 was Animals From start to finish — the entire album. It was perfect, flawless.  The first thing that crossed my mind after I realized this was more than a tribute show was these guys needed a bigger stage. Not because they were crammed in too close, but because of the amount of talent that was on that stage could of easily packed a venue 5 times the size.

These guys are professionals and you could tell right away this was going to be amazing.  The band was very tight, in sync.  Beauty, dogs, guitars, elegance, pigs and sheep were mixed throughout the production.   Also a great show of lights and a full screen backdrop above and behind the group with continuous segments of odd scenery and everyday life showing on the big screen.

Set 2 was The Dark Side of the Moon.  The Center for the Arts really brightened up for the second act.   Laughter, conflict, greed and mental illness were once again captured and performed with the same intensity that leaves your head shaking in wonder as you get from listening to the album itself. Nathan Blaser’s vocals were spot on.    His Sax playing lent an ideal sound.   Keys and Sound Effects were also part of the role for the multitasking frontman.   Dan Lyons gets the well deserved credit for Musical Production, Electric Guitars, Keyboards, Lead and Backing Vocals.   Every little nuance and effect found on the album was highlighted on stage. Dan didn’t miss a thing.

Tim Cusack played both Acoustic and Electric Guitars.  Both times I’ve seen this showing of Breathe, Tim’s guitar playing has left me speechless.  He is as “Rock and Roll” as anyone you’ll ever see, but there is a touch of character and charisma that goes with his technique.  Watch him play in the videos below…it’s absolutely amazing.   Angela O’Keefe gave an exceptional vocal rendition to “The Great Gig in the Sky“…jaw dropping, pull your hair out of your head stuff here.   Everyone was mesmerized as she let loose on her vocal solo.    She really was one of the stand outs of the entire show. There were only 2 things missing from this show — a brick wall and a 2nd Encore…and man…I sure wish there was a 2nd encore.

-Paul Donahue Jr.


Nathan Blaser- Lead Vocals,Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Saxophone and Sound Effects

Christopher Carrol- Drums

Tim Cusack- Acoustic and Electric Guitars

Carl Hedin- Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals, Bass Drum

Dan Lyons- Lead and Backing Vocals, Keyboards and Electric Guitar

Additional Musicians:

Paul Mascott- Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Keybords

Kat Jones- Percussion

Angela O’Keefe- Featured Vocalist

Chorus: Andrew Colella, Kat Jones, Christine Mascott, James Newton





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