Audio of

“School’s Out”

(Encore) with Nita Strauss, Glen Sobel and Calico Cooper:

bob  Heavy rock/ metal band BEASTÖ BLANCÖ was formed in 2012 by Chuck Garric (Vocals – Guitar – Bass)  and Chris Latham (Lead Guitar – Background Vocals).

Signed to Rat Pak Records, BEASTÖ BLANCÖ enlisted producer Tommy Henriksen and released LIVE FAST DIE LOUD”.

The BEASTÖ BLANCÖ 2015 WEST COAST TOUR took the band through 4 states (Alaska, Arizona, California and Nevada) – starting in Alaska at the Hard Rock Cafe.  The recent show in Arizona included an appearance by Alice Cooper himself at Cooperstown in Phoenix.

Then, after performing in Las Vegas at Vamp’d, the tour concluded with a fabulous show at The Viper Room with current members include Calico Cooper on Vocals, Jan LeGrow on Bass, and Tim Husung on Drums.    The band was also joined by Nita Strauss and Glen Sobel from Alice Cooper’s band for the encore.


The curtain went up and the band started with “Blind Drive“.   The majority of the music is very loud, heavy, aggressive (and seemingly unapologetic) with a real style and substance to it, which has kind of a White Zombie feel to it, along with occasional hint of Motorhead.


The rock-solid band rocked through the set with plenty of theatrics from Calico Cooper, who strutted around the stage looking evil, squirting the crowd with a hose, while posing throughout the set .  Her vocals and stage presence brought a lot of excitement to the set with her unique combination of acting and musical performance.


DSC07305Both the show on the stage and the music were very entertaining…. and contained a little shock value with the theatrics and music, where they “grinded out” a great set of catchy, rocking tunes with monster riffs.

DSC07312DSC07345DSC07373 DSC07379

DSC07429 DSC07431

Definitely make an effort to check out their music.   There should be some future plans with this band, so be sure to watch for them on a possible upcoming tour as well.


Nita and Orianthi met up outside after the show, where a lot of pals of the band caught up after the set.



WARRIOR SERVICEDSC07449DSC07459 DSC07455 DSC07460 DSC07463

Beasto Blanco Setlist The Viper Room, West Hollywood, CA, USA 2015

Here’s a “graphic glimpse into the world of Beasto Blanco and what to anticipate from a live show.” – BB


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