Dustin Jack: The Fine Art Of Rock Photography


Among the growing number of rock photographers in the Los Angeles area, there are only several whose works are instantly recognizable….  and Dustin Jack is one of those photographers.

With twenty plus years of experience in the fine art of photography, Dustin has developed an interesting style that makes his works stand out from the rest.  Treating every photograph as a stand-alone piece of art, Jack gives a lot of attention to every detail. Bright, vibrant, and sharp colors that make the subjects look extremely realistic have become Jack’s trademark.  His photos have graced the pages of top publications such as Rolling Stone, Modern Drummer, among others and have been featured by big name musicians and companies.  Dustin’s most notable works include photos of Motley Crue, DJ Ashba, Rob Zombie, John 5, Daughtry, Phil X, and Zakk Wylde.

Teaming up with…

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