Exactly one week before the start of season 4, Ozzy alumni and current Metallica bass player Robert Trujillo played a show at the Whisky.

Not only were there many of Ozzy’s former band mates present (along with Duff McKagan of Guns N Roses and Stewart Copeland – both of which have had tributes on Season 2 of TWGTB), but “The Prince of Darkness” himself, OZZY OSBOURNE, was in attendance for the show.  


For episode 7, Black Sabbath and Ozzy tribute band OZZMANIA did an hour long show that spanned the career from early Black Sabbath to Ozzy’s 1991 album NO MORE TEARS.


Festive host Katie Daryl came out and introduced OZZMANIA to an incredibly excited crowd. 


Since this was the designated show to celebrate Halloween, there were KILLER stage props throughout the venue, many audience members dressed in costumes and a great vibe throughout to celebrate the music of Ozzy and Black Sabbath in the true spirit of the holiday.


DSC06775    DSC06786 DSC06795 DSC07053      DSC07055           

The band kicked off the show in grand fashion with the classic OZZY tune “I DON’T KNOW” – the first song off his 1980 solo debut, which featured the incredible guitar work of Randy Rhoads. 

DSC07026       DSC07102DSC07039    

Next up was “NO MORE TEARS” from 1991 featuring the guitar work of Zakk Wylde, who gave this tribute concert multiple mentions on social media in the days leading up to the show.  This tune is actually the longest studio track OZZY has ever recorded in his solo career.

DSC07113   DSC07105 

The famous keyboard intro then kicked in for “MR. CROWLEY” ad OZZMANIA proceeded to rock the second single from Blizzard of Ozz.

DSC07101   DSC07064

OZZMANIA then delighted the crowd with the first single off Blizzard of Ozz and perhaps the most popular and recognizable OZZY song – “CRAZY TRAINDSC07067


Next up was the rocking controversial OZZY song “SUICIDE SOLUTION” (wine is fine, but whisky’s quicker…)

 DSC07083 DSC07086   DSC07028

Throughout the show, the uncanny resemblance to Ozzy and Zakk Wylde, along with the strong set list made this for an enjoyable hour of reliving an Ozzy concert.DSC07057     DSC06842   DSC06886    

Next up was “WAR PIGS” – the opening track from PARANOID. 


DSC06981   DSC07014 DSC07016 

The end of the main set began with Black Sabbath’s“IRON MAN” and went to commercial with “CHILDREN OF THE GRAVE


The encore after the commercial break consisted of the Ozzy’s first “BARK AT THE MOON” – the first single released from the 1983 album of the same name and Black Sabbath’s first single release “PARANOID” from 1970.



The “Bonus song” after going off the air was “OVER THE MOUNTAIN”, which was a great way to end out the show for all the metal fans in attendance.   This was by far the most “metal” AXSTRIBUTE to date and was a great way to usher in Halloween later this week.


\Michael Reade as Ozzy,

Mark “Metal Mark” Knapp as Zakk Wylde

Vince Pacelli on Bass,

Michael Clemens on drums

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