Larry Cornwall performs as Alice Cooper in the preeminent Alice Cooper tribute band, Alice In Cooperland, who were featured on Season 2 of AXS TV’s The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands.


Larry recently underwent heart surgery and Alice sent him this video message:

Larry arrived in Moorpark at the Moorpark Country Club on Monday after the conclusion of the golf tournament (by all accounts, Coop is an incredible golfer) and was stopped often by people wanting their pictures taken with him.  DSC02485 DSC02489 DSC02531 DSC02532

Backstage area talking with legendary bass player Phil Chen.DSC02500

Another fellow tribute and AXS TV World’s Greatest Tribute Band alum, Dave BRock (WILD CHILD, Manzarek-Krieger)DSC02550 DSC02559

With Sebastian Bach and Minnie Gupta


Debbe Dunning and A. Kluft (not on Twitter)



Checking out the stage area before the show:

DSC02570 DSC02575

The Coop Signing Guitars in the Green Room:


It’s him!!  It’s really him!!



Larry and Alice.  It was very exciting seeing these two great gentleman side-by-side and being able to see Larry personally thank Alice for the video he made for him.

DSC03466   DSC03465DSC03468DSC03467 DSC03416DSC03473

!DSC03476  DSC03481 DSC03486 DSC03473

Signed poster- check



Front row for the all star jams

DSC03971 DSC03983 DSC03992 DSC03922

Camera battery conked out 30 seconds in….  that’s a drag…