by Paul Donahue, Jr.


Metal Mike Chlasciak is a scholarship graduate from Berklee College of Music and has played the Bay area circuit with Testament, worked with Sebastian Bach, and is currently the lead guitarist for The Metal Gods solo project, Halford.   “Metal” Mike (nickname provided by Rob Halford) has toured the world a few times and shared the stage with the likes of Iron Maiden, Motley Crue and Ozzy Osbourne, selling out venues from the Playboy Mansion to Madison Square Garden and, most recently, landing a spot on the Randy Rhoads Remembered Tour.

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Metal Mikes “Chaos Made Simple” approach to teaching guitar provides a quick and easily understandable way to improve all phases of guitar.  Mike has reached hundreds of thousands of guitar enthusiasts through his monthly column in Guitar World Magazine.   He also has books, DVD’s and has appeared on albums totaling over a million copies sold worldwide.

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12-18 year old Metal Heads are welcome to join Metal Mike with special guests and study amazing songs by the most influential bands of all time.


This is the chance for participants to “pick” his brain one-on-one ……in a music camp ……..a Metal Heroes Summer Camp!!

In addition to watching and learning guitar technique and stage presence attendees will get to participate in:

– Metal Movie Night (movie TBA)

– Metal Arts and Crafts:  learn how to make heavy metal jewelry for your stage persona.

– Metal Discovery Lounge: where students get to share with each other what they are listening to.

– Evening Jam Sessions:  where the students get to show off their own best guitar licks! 

Join METAL MIKE from August 25th thru August 29th at the Full Moon Resort in Big Indian New York.

Info and Questions: 1.845.254.8009 or


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