The Ells shows that Steve Perry played this week did not mark his comeback.  That was on January 18, 2014 when Steve showed up at the Guitar Center Drum Off and was interviewed on the red carpet by Thomas Lang from stOrk and then performed later in the show with the Average White Band where he played drums and played “Pick Up The Pieces”.

And here’s a guy with a Mercyful Fate t-shirt at the event:

Steve Perry and a Mercyful Fate fan at the Drum Off.


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  1. […] I can definitely understand and sympathize the “loss” he feels as it hits close to home for me as well. Those of us who have lost someone or know a friend who has lost someone definitely should be able to read between the lines this time around. If Steve wants to sing a couple songs with a few friends and do it unannounced you have to respect that it’s for him, it’s not for anyone else. It’s not to prove anything other then to have fun and to feel alive again. His first performance back sounded pretty good, obviously nervous but I’ll gladly take whatever I can from “The Voice!” His second performance I believe was to correct some mistakes he made in the first such as vocal ranges, missed lyrics and his storytimes which he use to do with Journey. Who knows if he will do an additional show or not as the EELS USA portion of their tour comes to a close but I thought he did a fantastic job with what he had to work with. Though I do find it funny people claim this is the first time Perry has sung since 1995… really? Seems like in January he did that exact thing, though not technically in the front of a band like we were use to. But here’s a website that puts out the information perfectly, so I don’t have to. ( […]

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