GEORGE KOLLIAS – upcoming clinic in LA and show with Nile at the House of Blues Sunset

I first saw George Kollias play live in 2005 with Nile when they opened up for King Diamond at The House of Blues on Sunset in LA.  I had never heard anything like that before.    I went home from the show speechless and in utter disbelief over his drumming skills.

The week after Nile’s tour stop hits L.A on Tuesday MAY 6 at The House of Blues Sunset, George Kollias has his first ever upcoming boot camp in Woodland Hills, CA  from MAY 15TH – 18TH

This is a rare opportunity to see a drumming giant perform and/or get personal instruction from a really great guy with really fast feet. 


Last summer (July, 2013), George traveled all the way from Greece and made it in time for the first day of Thomas Lang’s Big Drum Bonanza.  

With George’s extreme metal precision and execution, he was a great choice for “The Men Of Metal” portion of the intense 5 day class.

Immediately upon arrival, George was one of the most pleasant people ever and his biggest immediate concern being in America was finding a Starbucks and a Subway.   Luckily, both places were within clear site of the event.   Once that was out of the way, he was ready to teach.  

George was the featured classroom instructor the following day and made his way over to the Drum Channel several times for a few tapings and to give private lessons.   His friendly ways and ferocious technique made for a great instructor.  This is a great opportunity to experience something that will make you a better drummer and study with and witness such a phenomenal musician.


Some students travelled even greater distances than George to the event.



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