Not only are they the first all female band to be featured on the show and are recognized worldwide as the world’s only all female tribute to Iron Maiden, they are clearly the best in the business when it comes to rocking the Iron Maiden classics.   Having formed nearly 12 years ago, the band has repeatedly toured the world over, recorded DVDs, CD and has earned the respect and admiration of some of the top names in the business.

This is a group of accomplished musicians.   Never mind the funny stage names and obvious references — this is a great band that properly pays tribute to the music of Iron Maiden.  As promised (and as witnessed during several of The Iron Maidens’ shows in the last month), this show delivered.  The stage set, the music, the adoring fans – this is what heavy music is all about.

BEST SONG:  Flight of Icarus

Kirsten Rosenberg aka Bruce Chickinson as Bruce Dickinson — Vocals
Linda McDonald aka Nikki McBURRain as Nicko McBrain — Drums
Courtney Cox aka Adrianna Smith as Adrian Smith — Guitar
Wanda Ortiz aka Steph Harris as Stephen Harris — Bass
Nikki Stringfield as Dave Murray – Guitar


Set list:

The Trooper

2 Minutes to Midnight

Wasted Years

Aces High

Flight of Icarus

Number of the Beast


The Evil That Men Do


Hallowed Be Thy Name

Run To The Hills