Franky Perez discusses his SSMF appearance this week at SWINGHOUSE studios, his upcoming album and more. #SSMF


Franky Perez is a vocalist, producer, songwriter, guitarist & multi-Instrumentalist known for his work with Scars on Broadway, Slash, Ducati All-Stars, Camp Freddy and FXP.   Franky is a true musician and a great vocalist, which is kind of rare these days.  He’s one of those people that can record an entire album from scratch all by himself without the use of any fancy technology.  He took time to talk about what he’s been up to, where he’s playing and what he has planned ahead of him.

Heavy Metal Hill:  Tell me about your background…. where did you come from?

Franky Perez:  I was born and raised in Vegas. I started singing in bars there before I was even old enough to actually hang in them.

HMH:  How did you get involved in music?

FXP: My mother, a Cuban immigrant, was a poet.  I got my love of moving people with words at an early age. She also sang a type of Cuban music called “Punto Guajiro”, which is in my opinion the Cuban equivalent of American Blues.

HMH:  Who are your influences? 

Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, Ozzy, Zep, Hunter S. Thompson, Elvis, Marlon Brando, Sabbath, Howling Wolf, Chris Whitley, and The Beatles —  in this order: John, Paul, George, Ringo.

HMH:  You sing and play guitar.  What other instruments do you play?

FXP: Drums, Cuban percussion, piano, harmonica, and bass.

HMH:  Can you give an overview of your professional career?


HMH:  What is you involvement in the upcoming Sunset Music Festival  event?

I’m playing August 2nd 10PM for the Swing House 20th Anniversary.


HMH:  You thrilled  the crowd with your performance at the Steve Stevens/ Sebastian Bach (with Billy Idol) show at the Viper Room.  What are your thoughts on that great event?

FXP:  I Love Steve like a brother. He and that group of musicians may be one of the most amazing line-ups I’ve ever had the pleasure and honor of performing with.

HMH:  How about your Vegas shows?    You gig a lot. 

FXP:  I work non-stop. We play 3 hour sets of high-energy Blues, Rock-n-Roll and soul music.

Here’s a recent Vegas article talking about Franky being the free best show in town.

HMH:  What can we expect with your upcoming album?

FXP:  With my band, The Truth, I have made my most honest record to date.    It’s called “Addict”.    I’ll be releasing it on my own label Small Window Entertainment in March, 2014.  It’s a blues-based  rock-n-roll record that takes you in a trip of 3 things I know very well:   love, loss and vices.   We recorded it straight to tape.   I produced it, Dave Schiffman recorded it, and we’re extremely proud of it.