Lucy’s 51 is a great venue and this was a jam to be at.   James LoMenzo, Brent Woods and Kenny Aronoff make an incredible band.   

It’s hard to thinks such an incredible jam could take place on a Monday.    Tons of great songs were played and fun was had by all.

One of the biggest parts of the evening was seeing Greg from Queen Nation do a guest spot for the second time this evening (Earlier on live TV with Space Oddity/ David Brighton as David Bowie at the Roxy) with Brian Tichy joining in on the drums, as they tore through some Queen classics (“Tie Your Mother Down” and “Dragon Attack”.  The songs completely rocked.   James also had local hero Mike Cochrane onstage who rocked The Immigrant Song with the band.   Mike’s primarily known for blues jams, but he really is a rocker.    The all-around musicianship was fierce.  Everybody played their heart out and the crowd loved it.



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