JULY 20, 2013!!!





Per the first M4B Moby Dicks show and the popular nationwide Bonzo Bash events, Brian Tichy will once again be playing the Bonzo replica kit, Brent Woods will be playing a Jimmy Page double neck,  and James Lomenzo will be performing John Paul Jones’ bass parts to perfection, while Stephen LeBlanc demonstrates his keyboard wizardry and Chas West recreates the classic vocals of Robert Plant  at the Viper Room on July 20,2013 to pay tribute to arguably the greatest band ever. 

This marks the second time the Moby Dicks will be playing an epic Led Zeppelin concerts in its entirety for Metal 4 Breakfast at the Viper Room.  

Over the last few months, the promotion has managed to bring several incredible shows  to the venue.


Metal4Breakfast’s debut show was a star-studded, sold out affair that rocked incredibly hard with Sebastian Bach, Billy Idol, Steve Stevens, Matt Sorum and Frankie Perez ) and earned rave reviews, in addition to being recapped by Blabbermouth.  

And to top their last performance here, this upcoming Moby Dicks show may be the most historically significant show they’ve put on to date.  


Last time, not only did they deliver a superb performance of 1973’s Record-Breaking Show From Tampa Bay , but they went WAY above and beyond any expectations by absolutely killing it, as Brian’s playing was on fire, Brent Woods literally became Jimmy Page, while Chas’ singing is at the top of his game and James LoMenzo absolutely nailed each and every bass part   


Heavy Metal Hill met up with Toddie B, Metal 4 Breakfast creator, to discuss the upcoming Moby Dicks’ recreation of a Led Zeppelin show at the Viper Room.

HMH:  Metal 4 Breakfast is a cool name…. kind of like Heavy Metal Hill.   How did you come up with it?

Toddie B/ Metal 4 Breakfast:  Back in 2006, I became a die-hard AX7 fan.  I’m an old time classic rock guy, but really started following new metal bands.

Every morning, I’d wake up for work and it would be a new heavy metal song playing on my alarm.   One morning, I said here we go again…. “Metal for Breakfast”.. and that started it. 


HMH:  You really hit the ground running with your first two shows, which have been among the very best HMH has seen of the year so far.   The first Moby Dicks concert you promoted at the Viper Room was just incredible and the band really was on fire.   That show meant a lot to you on many levels.   What made this show so great?

TB/M4B:  Led Zeppelin is and has been my favorite band from early teens throughout my adulthood.  There hasn’t been a day in the last 35 years That I haven’t listened to them.  When I was 12, I saw the Day of the Green concert.   That’s when I realized that rock no roll music gets in your blood and stays in your blood.  LZ  has brought rock-n-roll to what it is today.    This particular show broke all previous attendance records in the US for a stadium concert.


HMH:  Having guest and part-time Moby Dick Frankie Banali, an actual attendee at the very concert they were paying tribute to, come up and play drums on a few songs was about as authentic as it can get.  Was that intentional?  

TB/M4B:  Actually, it wasn’t.  Brent, Brian, Chas and James are a tight knit group that have been hanging out together since the 80s.  They invited a few guys and Frankie happened to show up.  It really just worked out. 


HMH:  It’s very cool that the first M4B Moby Dicks show (from 1973) was nearly 40 years to the day of the performance at the Viper Room (May 5, 1973/ May 11, 2013).  Was that coincidence, good timing or both? 

TB/M4B:  That was by design.  My idea was to recreate some of the greatest shows they did in the US the same month of that year.


HMH:  This show will be played almost 36 years to the day (July 23, 1977/ July 20, 2013) – an anniversary of sorts.   You’re just 3 days off.

The 1977 was the last US show played and it happens to be just 3 days shy of the 40 year mark where they played their last show here before Bonzo passed and the band broke up.

How cool is that? 

TB/M4B:  Actually, all the future shows will be the same way and as close as possible to the original in every way.   Solos, equipment, everything.  Say 99%.


HMH:  Brian Tichy and James Lomenzo have a long history together.   Tell me some of the bands that both Brian and James Lomenzo were both in, either at the same time or otherwise…

TB/M4B:   Oh gosh.  Ozzy, BLS, Lynch Mob, Slash’s Snake Pit,, and the list goes on.  James was also in White Lion and Megadeth.    Chas and Brian have also both been in Foreigner.  Chas was also in Bonham as well.    Brian has been in Whitesnake and Billy Idol as well.

Here is the set list that The Moby Dicks will be bringing back from 36 years ago this week:

Led Zeppelin Setlist Day On The Green 1977 #6, Led Zeppelin North American Tour 1977


The stage set was pretty neat last time.   And Brent already has the bar stool for this show.    What more is being added?    Equipment?   Guest Stars?   Other surprises?

Toddie B:  The stage will be set up as close to the original as possible with the same amp heads, cabinets, exact drum set and gong.  Really as close to the original as possible.


HMH: Band Members  

Tell us some things that perhaps we don’t know about guitarist Brent Woods. 

TB/M4B:  Brent Woods is one of the most sought-after session guitarist in the industry   He regularly works with Gene Simmons and is a very private person, yet a hard working studio musician.  Non-stop worker,  early riser.  Sometimes he spends 12-14 hours in the studio.  In my opinion, he is one of the most amazing, underrated guitarists on the planet and has an incredible work ethic.  HE does movie work, just completed a project with Fred Coury from Cinderella. 

Brent, as a kid, got hooked in with Randy Rhoads.  Randy gave him weekly lessons for years.  Brent can play any genre and is very creative.  Good laid-back guy…..  one of the easiest guys to work with that I’ve promoted thus far and he’s a close friend of mine.

I was at a Kings game with Brent a while back when Brent told me about one of his only regrets in life.

During a lesson with  Randy Rhoads, his mom wanted to take a picture of me and Randy with our guitars.   He said he was shy and unprepared, so he passed on the opportunity.   He’ll regret that forever. 

HMH:  Chas West is singing better than ever.  His vocals are on the next level?  Do you know how he upped his game the way he did?

TB/M4B:   Chas is very serious about his work.   He takes care of himself physically, and he is constantly in the studio practicing.  I was also told that Dave Meniketti gave him the advice to get 8 hours of sleep every night and that is a huge secret to how Chas has been able to outdo himself as his career continues.

The Moby Dicks are some of the hardest working musicians out there.  They work from 6-10 hours a day.  It’s such an honor to have this

I am so appreciative of what they are doing and am honored to be their promoter. 


HMH: Stephen LeBlanc is quite the impressive keyboard player.    His playing is absolutely phenomenal, yet he always seems to be unassumingly rocking out at the back of the stage adding incredible keyboard parts.   What do you have to say about him?  

TB/M4B:  As you know, Stephen is also the keyboard player in Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience.   He is as good as they come.  A truly solid musician that really rounds out this excellent band.


HMH:  Brian Tichy is hilarious.   Is he fun to work with?

TB/M4B:  Brian is a handful, for sure.  He’s an absolute perfectionist and it shows in his drumming.   I think he is one of the top 5 drummers in the world and is a blast to work with.  He’s  always humorous and light-hearted , yet he demands perfection.


You had a killer raffle for a guitar at a previous M4B show.  You’re also doing a promotion/giveaway for this show.  What exactly is it?

TB/M4B:  I’m very appreciative when fans come out and spend their hard earned money.

I want to give back.  One of the first 100 fans to buy a ticket will be the lucky recipient of a brand new  snare drum,.    And, from now on, there will be a giveaway at every Moby Dicks show at their Viper Room residency.


Do you know if the Moby Dicks are going to tour some more?

TB/M4B:  Yes.  Absolutely.  I have some bigger stuff in the works.  The Viper Room residency is just a start… There will be more later this year….


Anything else you’d like to talk about to the people that are interested in this show and these musicians?

TB/M4B:   I want to thank all the musicians, bands and everyone involved in the shows  at the Viper Room.  


What else in on the “Breakfast Plate” for M4B?
TB/M4B:  We are talking about it…. Steve Stevens is in the studio recording Billy’s new album.  Look for something big with Steve and Franky Perez and “perhaps” several others, this fall (big hint there).


Which songs on the set list for this show have the fondest memories and why??

TB/M4B:   “Since I’ve Been Loving You” –  It was one of the songs at my wedding and is very near and dear to my heart.   I still listen to it 3 times a week. 

No Quarter  –  this became a favorite song of mine while growing up  up in the liberal county of Marin in the late 70s…  As you can imagine, the “post-hippie era”.

Going to California – obviously near and dear to my heart as well with me being a 4th generation Californian.    It’s in my Top 5 of favorite Zeppelin songs.

White Summer/Black Mountain Side  – when I was young, I was a firefighter and we all listened to this song nightly, which always brings back some really great memories.

Stairway to Heaven –  By far my fondest memory and favorite song.   I slow danced to Stairway with my first girlfriend at a junior high dance .  It’s been my favorite song since then. 


Unlike several promoters out there, Metal 4 Breakfast is obviously putting on these shows for the right reasons and has the right idea about putting on meaningful, quality concerts with great musicians.    Judging from previous shows and their promising futures, you can be sure to expect big things from the Moby Dicks and Metal 4 Breakfast for this show and other events you won’t want to miss. 


Metal 4 Breakfast Presents: The Moby Dicks (Led Zeppelin Tribute)
Featuring Chas West Vocals, Brent Woods Guitar, Brian Tichy Drums, Stephen Leblanc Keyboards, James Lomenzo Bass with Made In America and Falling Still


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