Nina Noir- Metal Head of the Month

I read a review a few days prior to the show that my friends and I attended at the Queensryche show at the Canyon Club in Agoura and realized that Nina Noir, who played/sang as “Sister Mary”, would be at the merchandise booth before the concert.   We went up and ended up talking with her both before and after the show. Nina was very, very cool.   DSC03658DSC03343

I loved the show, as did everyone in attendance.   Operation: Mindcrime rules and seeing it played live again was incredible.   And my video footage for Blabbermouth, so it was cool to watch some vids of the show on their webpage.   

I went to another Queensryche show at Club Nokia two days later with my friend, Mark.   I told her how awesome the show was and took their picture right before getting separated from Mark from the rest of the show.   I headed upstairs thinking he was right behind me.  That hallway is pretty dark and I didn’t even realize he wasn’t on the elevator with me until it was too late.    Oh well.  We found each other after the show.


And it was another great concert.  I would have gone again had they played another Southern California date.

Last week, Nina posted this on one of Canyon vids:


By that time, I had already heard that Sass Jordan will replace Nina as Sister Mary.    That’s very logical with Brian Tichy covering for Simon Wright in June and the S.U.N. connection.  

Like Nina, Sass is an excellent singer and she  recently rocked singing at a S.U.N. show at the House of Blues.

Being a fan of Nina from the 2 Queensryche shows I saw just 2 days apart from one another, I decided to check out more of her work to see what else she does.

And after seeing Queen Nation play their tribute to Queen this past Monday on AXS, I was especially interested in checking out something from her Queen tribute band, The Killer Queens.

I dig the video below that I found on YouTube.    The Killer Queens will be another great tribute band to check out.   This is killer.

And she sings and plays drums with her band, The Lions- how cool is that?


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