TOM KEIFER of Cinderella Kicked off his Tour at the Canyon Club 5/2/2013


TOM KEIFER made his debut as a solo artist in support of the album, THE WAY LIFE GOES.

DSC08594The album samples streaming on his website sound good with quality songwriting and musicianship.  The real question leading up to the show was all about Tom’s voice and how strong would it be for this performance.

He came in with strong vocals and a solid band.   He did a narrative medley of sorts that contained quite a few guitar samples of the Cinderella songs that most fans would expect from him in a set.    He proceeded to play an incredibly mellow version of “Shake Me” that sounded really cool.   His voice and unique vocal style were in tact for the performance and he sounded better than one of his previous visits to The Canyon.

His new songs have a strong emphasis on songwriting and he performed several songs with his wife, who wrote some of the music for the new album.   They both seemed very happy to be playing together. 

Tom did a lot of acoustic stuff and then turned around and ripped it up on the guitar.   He always had great guitar work with Cinderella, which may have been overlooked because of his voice and the songs he sings.


At the end of the set, he did an intense  Joe Cocker version of “A Little Help From My Friends”.   He closed out with Gypsy Road.

He introduced his band at the end of the show.   The keyboardist is Paul Taylor, formerly of Winger.   He’s very talented and he played well all evening, as did the entire band.   This will be a good tour.  As they tighten up their live act with more shows, they’re definitely going to be one of the better bands out on the road this year.