Vivian Campbell played with Steel Panther at the House of Blues Sunset in Hollywood/ Los Angeles earlier this year.   It was announced in advance that he’d be there and that wasn’t typical of most guest appearances at a Steel Panther show at this venue.

They did “Rainbow In The Dark”, “Holy Diver” and a Def Leppard tune.  It rocked.  Since he and Ronnie hated each other, is it appropriate that he still plays his tunes and even has a band coming out for that very reason?  Some recent comment may indicate that’s the case.


the intro:





This was hilarious- as Lorn from was interviewing fans about the show, this random guy walks by at and makes a rude comment about Ronnie James Dio

Here’s the finished product from YouTellConcerts:


Fast forward a week and a half later.   Def Leppard does a free show at the same venue on Wednesday afternoon.   After the show, Vivian was hanging out with Claude Schnell, Joe Elliott and Glenn Hughes.


IMG_0619IMG_0618 IMG_0633IMG_0576IMG_0562IMG_0561

Claude Schnell rules.   It will be great to hear him play with Vinnie and Vivian, for sure.   First up is the “other” Dio tribute band.    Dio Disciples are playing tonight in Ventura, CA.

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