Steel Panther’s Farewell Show to the House Of Blues Sunset Strip 6/25/2015



Steel Panther may very well be the last residency band of the last decade on the Sunset Strip to have reached the success they have from playing small clubs weekly to major music festivals in the UK and Europe.

Last night was a sad night in Hollywood for Steel Panther fans, as it was the band’s last show to play the legendary venue on Sunset.

 DY3A3877 DY3A3923

Before their House Of Blues residency,  Steel Panther was known as Metal Skool and playing the Key Club, which is now a 1OAK.

It was announced over a year ago that the House Of Blues would be torn down for a hotel and the venue would relocate; however, there is no new location yet for the House Of Blues.    Steel Panther had played there most every Monday night until going on a world tour.


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These last 3 weeks, they played their final shows at the House Of Blues.   All three of these shows sold out quickly.

For one last time, Steel Panther brought their stage antics, vulgarity, humor, solos, and kick ass heavy metal.

DY3A3817 DY3A3836 

As always, the band had to make fun of what was around them and Satchel made a few references about “Bulldozing it down,” to bring light about a venue we will miss.    Satchel also joked about playing until 6 A.M. and free alcohol for everyone.


The opener was their classic song which they usually would open their House of Blues shows up with: “Eyes of A Panther.”


Of course the crowd knew every song, as usual, there were many regulars there.   There were no special guests for this show, but they did throw in 2 covers :  the Scorpions “Rock You Like A Hurricane,” and their infamous rendition of Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again,”.  As Satchel played the same chords with adding parts of “The Joker,” (Steve Miller), “All Star,” (Smash Mouth)  “Beverly Hills,” and “Sweater Song” (Weezer), and saying how those songs all ripped off Whitesnake.  

The band brought up anyone in the audience who had been in their music videos for a song .

“Party All Day,” was the song they brought girls up on stage to take their tops off, which is a Steel Panther tradition.


For “Community Property,” the audience sang the first verse.  

The final song was “Death To All But Metal,” which was the perfect song to close with.


DY3A4028 DY3A4368

It was definitely a historic night as Steel Panther’s final House of Blues show, and one of the last rock show there at the venue as well.

Steel Panther is here to stay and hopefully will find a new home soon since for the last decade, people have come out weekly over and over again to see them, and they’ve even become a tourist attraction for people visiting Hollywood.


1. Eyes Of A Panther

2. Tomorrow Night

3. Fat Girl

4. Gold Diggin Whore

5. Party All Day

6. Rock You Like A Hurricane (Scorpions Cover)

7. Just Like Tiger Woods

8. Party Like Is The End Of The World

9. Community Property

10. Here I Go Again (Whitesnake Cover)

11. Death To All But Metal

Mayhem Festival 2015 Kicked off Last Friday In Chula Vista, CA 6/26/2015 by Alex Kluft


by Alex Kluft

Mayhem Festival 2015 Kicked off in Chula Vista, CA at the Sleep Train Amphitheatre instead of the usual San Manuel Amphitheater in San Bernardino, CA which is where Mayhem festival next stop took place.

Although this year only has one side stage and the main stage, Slayer and King Diamond alone are worth the trip. Slayer last played Mayhem 2012, and this is the first U.S. tour for Slayer and King Diamond together in years.   The other 2 mainstage artists were Hellyeah and Devil Wears Prada.

Doors opened at 1 P.M. with the first band  going on the Victory Stage at the same time.

Usually the side stage(s) close right before the first band on the main stage, but this time the last band, Feed Her to the Sharks, ended the same time as HELLYEAH, which was the second band on the main stage.

Devil Wears Prada opened the main stage at 6:10 P.M. and played for 35 minutes.

The longest set on the Victory stage was Whitechapel, which played for 40 minutes.   Both Devil Wears Prada and and Hellyeah played at Knot Fest last October in San Bernardino.  At the time of Knot Fest, Hellyeah replaced guitarist Greg Tribbett and bassist Bob Zilla with bassist Kyle Sanders, brother of Troy Sanders (Mastodon), and guitarist Christian Brady.   Unfortunately guitarist Tom Maxwell had a leg injury just before the tour and was unable to play standing up, so he was seated with a cast on, but still rocked.   Hellyeah always puts on a great show, and seeing Chad Gray (Mudvayne) and Vinnie Paul (Pantera) together is quite an experience. Their set lasted 40 minutes and pure a** kicking metal.


DY3A5356 DY3A5295


DY3A5428 DY3A5337 DY3A5406

It was very special to see King Diamond on the same stage as Slayer.   This year marks their 30th anniversary as a band with original members King Diamond and guitarist Andy LaRocque.    The stage set for King Diamond had staircases, pillars, and a balcony which all together gave a gothic church look.   The band started at the top of the staircases and slowly walked down as Diamond was centered above the drums.   Those screeching vocals of Diamond remain unmatched.   It was easy to see how much fun the band was having up there.   If you’re a metal fan and haven’t seen King Diamond yet, they are a must-see band.


DY3A6103DY3A6057 DY3A6458 DY3A6155

The headliner this year is none other than metal great, Slayer.  The last time Slayer played Mayhem, Dave Lombardo was still in the band and Jeff Hanneman was still alive, but Gary Holt (Exodus) was filling in for him.   Since then, Paul Bostaph rejoined the band and Holt has more or less become a permanent member.   Slayer played a total of 16 songs and had all the heaviness and fire you would expect, as they debuted 2 new songs “Repentless,” and “When The Stillness Comes,” which you would never know are new as they sound just like classic Slayer.   For being around 34 years, Slayer still beats out new bands in stage presence and heaviness.  They Mayhem Festival will run through the summer.

DY3A7208 DY3A6965 DY3A6824 DY3A6816 DY3A6766

Slayer Setlist:
Hate Worldwide
God Send Death
War Ensemble
When The Stillness Comes
Mandatory Suicide
Chemical Warfare
Ghosts Of War
Dead Skin Mask
Hell Awaits
South Of Heaven
Raining Blood
Angel Of Death


Eddie Trunk was right about this band.

Kyng (FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, TWITTER) absolutely rocked during the pre-game, halftime and post-game festivities during the home game for LA KISS football at The Honda Center.  They play heavy rocking music with a style and sound that is definitely worth checking out.  In addition to a cool drum solo and playing a bunch of their own tunes, they also did “Hot For Teacher” by Van Halen during the bicycle stunt show on the field.   They definitely scored some new fans at the game. 


Pepe Clarke DRUMS

Tony Castaneda BASS

DSC00808  DSC00780 DSC00538DSC00783 DSC00805 DSC00804 DSC00800 DSC00792 DSC00789 DSC00787 DSC00786 DSC00782 DSC00771 DSC00729 DSC00541 DSC00731   DSC00688 DSC00689 DSC00755 DSC00721 DSC00737 DSC00736  DSC00779 DSC00777 DSC00775 DSC00772 DSC00771 DSC00770 DSC00922 DSC00970 DSC00968 DSC00922 DSC00921 DSC00769




DSC00690 DSC00556

Interview With WHITESNAKE’S Michael Devin June 2015



On May 19th, rock icons Whitesnake released “The Purple Album” — their 12th studio release in North America via Frontiers Music SRL.   The album is a re-imagination of classic songs from David Coverdale’s time as the lead singer for Deep Purple’s Mark 3 and Mark 4 studio albums.


Evil Robb Photography

The tour hit the road on May 28th and will  continue in the US until the middle of August.  Following a break, the band is headed to Japan, Europe, The UK and Ireland.   

Michael Devin took time to talk with Paul Donahue, Jr. via SKYPE about David Coverdale, the Whitesnake tour, current and former band mates, his solo music and many other topics of interest.


On becoming a member of Whitesnake….

MICHAEL DEVIN:  “I became a member of Whitesnake in 2010 while I was on tour with Lynch Mob.   Brian Tichy was the drummer and my good friend.   He had already secured his position with Whitesnake and they were already talking to another bass player — a friend of ours.   And it looked very promising for this bass player and I just assumed that he was going to be the guy.  I was also working toward going out with Jason Bonham in the Led Zeppelin Experience.   I had 2 jobs going on, I was pretty happy with that, I never even imagined my name would be put in the hat with Whitesnake.   Long story short, David Coverdale decided to keep looking for bass players and Brian had mentioned he was out and about with Lynch Mob and David asked him who was on bass.   Brian mentioned me, so I sent some video of me playing live and then one thing led to another and I found myself up in Tahoe auditioning for David live.   Then he called me while I was in Seattle and asked if I wanted to join the band.   That was a great day…I had 3 jobs, Whitesnake, Lynch Mob and The Led Zeppelin Experience with Jason (Bonham).

About performing Deep Purple songs in Whitesnake on the current tour

“It’s a great set by the way, top to bottom its kind of a non stop set.   At no other time in my 5 years with Whitesnake have I been more excited.   I love the song “You Keep on Moving” — it’s really moody and slow and kind of psychedelic…..   and I swap lead vocals with David.   That’s kind of spectacular, I never imagined in my lifetime I’d be singing alongside David Coverdale.”

About David Coverdale’s performance on the current tour

“Let me tell you man…he’s singing better now than any other time I’ve been on stage with him…every night regardless of climate or jet lag or whatever…he’s just hitting all the choice notes.   There are certain notes that need to be hit and he is just delivering it. We are all proud to be on stage with such a legendary singer…he is kicking ass.    He’s my friend, my band-mate and my inspiration.”

His equipment on the tour 

“I’m using Orange Amps and they are fantastic, they fucking growl..never an issue.   And I’m using a 1971 Gibson EB3L as my main bass on this tour. It’s the first time I’m using a Gibson Bass.   I also have a purple Nash I use on some altered tuning stuff.  But the Gibson cuts — it sounds so bad ass man.”

Anticipated stops on tour

“San Francisco, Denver.. .in Denver, I’ll be getting another 1971 Bass…..   Hampton Beach,New Hampshire is the big show for me –my family and a lot my friends come out.   I get an opportunity to see a lot of people.


Evil Robb Photography

Becoming a Singer

I started singing late in life.   I always new I had a tone and I could recognize my own vocal tone and I knew it was cool for rock-n-roll but I had chronic shyness, so it took me a long time to get to a place where I could go out in public and sing.   I owe it mostly to David Coverdale — he really helped me and encouraged me to sing.    Doug Aldrich and Brian Tichy and I had a band called Steamroller, which was the first time I went out as a singing bass player…and that was trial by fire.   Ya know it’s not like I’m playing with two guys from my hometown in some shitty little bar, I was with two class acts where there was bound to be a crowd and I had no idea about my voice.   I had no idea how high I could go or how low I could go, I just new I wanted to use it.    Some shows were better than others and it was all about finding my footing.   You don’t just show up and sound like Freddy Mercury, so that’s all I’ve been doing is just singing as often as I can.   I also have an EP coming out this year where I do the singing..

What else for Mr. Devin?

On my birthday, July 27th, my EP gets released and I play Westbury N.Y. Which is pretty cool.   But the day before on the 26th is a day off and my girlfriend, Drea De Matteo​, is in NYC right now filming her upcoming series on NBC called “Shades of Blue” with Ray Liotta and Jennifer Lopez.


That’s the first time I’m going to see her in a couple months. so I’m pretty excited about that.    The Muthaship” is a show Drea has. You can hear “Evil Men Do” and see the video:P


New EP Preview/ Review/Discussion with Paul:  

DEVIN:   I’m expecting a release on July 27th, I hope to have it out’s  6 song EP.   I really just wanted to get a little bit out there so people can hear my music and see that I sing and write songs.

PD:  Thanks for sending me a couple of the songs off that EP – it was a privilege listening to 2 new songs.   The first was “Wild Buffalo” It’s a great hard rockin’ song.   The vocals are amazing and the hook is right off the bat in the lead guitar riffs.   The riffs and vocals combined make the song.    It’s bound to be a hit! I t’s a great tune! 

Next was “Map of America” — another great tune with a high energy Soundgarden kind of feel.   This song chugs right along with an almost country back-beat at one point.   But it works great, this tune is really full of twists and turns, and you can’t tell what’s going to happen next, but it all ties into together very well.    Then, out of nowhere, the song breaks down into a straight up grind.    It must be difficult to slow down and contain during the middle 8 of that song, then it’s right back into the perfect “top-down in the convertible, flyin down the highway kinda song…incredible vocals and guitars..”

DEVIN:     ABSOLUTELY!!! (laughing) I tried to convey with the music what I was trying to say with the lyric, It’s kind of  like an oncoming storm, you can’t predict where a tornado is going to go – all you can do is take cover and watch it pass and that’s kind of how I went with the music to coincide with the lyrics.     Then all the sudden out of nowhere it drops on you, out of nowhere. All of the sudden it becomes a really heavy,grungy,dirty,sludgy song.    That was totally by design but the way it comes into the sludge was sort of a happy accident.   That’s always a great part of songwriting when you don’t plan for it, but I’m so happy that it did.   To me, that’s divinity coming through in my music.   I want a piece of God in all my music in all of my songs, I strive for that, you know, a little bit of spirit in there.   Non-religious but I mean in terms of the vibe…

PD:  I think I picked up on that with the keyboards… would you say they have kind of gospel sound?

DEVIN:  Yeah,  Dude!! Totally!! The textures in the song the instrumentation are all very deliberate, there’s a banjo, a B3, (played by Jimmy Wallace from the Wallflowers), an acoustic guitar… these folk instruments are in there for a reason.   I’ll do another EP and/or a full length eventually.

On other instruments he enjoys playing 

“Piano, guitar, harmonica…   I play a little bit of banjo. I enjoy getting music out of any instrument.”


Interests outside of music

I read a lot.   But when I’m not on tour, I mostly spend a lot of time with my family. I really love movies too, films and scripts.  I’d say it’s those 3, family, movies and reading.

Blizzard of Ozz or Diary of a Madman?

Fuck, that’s tough man…that’s a tough question..but I would have to saaaayyy…

I mean i gotta gooo…they were both so influential and so crucial to my sanity as a kid..

but if I had to pick, and it was an “island record”, I’d have to go Diary of a Madman.


June 17th
Shawnee, OK
Grand Events Center

June 19th
Biloxi, MS
Hard Rock

June 20th
Houston, TX

June 22nd
Grand Prairie, TX
Verizon Theater

June 23rd
San Antonio, TX
Majestic Theater

June 25th
Socorro, TX
Socorro Event Center

June 27th
Greeley, CO
Greeley Independence Stampede

June 28th
Norfolk, NE
Divots Music Festival

June 30th
Milwaukee, WI

July 2nd
Rama, ON
Casino Rama

July 3rd
Sterling Heights, MI
Freedom Hill AMP

July 5th
Northfield, OH
Hard Rock

July 7th
Huber Heights, OH
Music Center @ The Heights

July 8th
Wabash, IN
Honeywell Center

July 10th
Mahnomen, MN
Shoot Star Casino

July 11th
St. Paul, MN

July 14th
Clear Lake, IA
Surf Ballroom

July 16th
Oshkosh, WI
Rock USA

July 17th
Geneva, IL
Geneva Music Park

July 18th
Merrillville, IN
Star Plaza

July 20th
Greensburg, PA
Palace Theater

July 22nd
Hampton Beach, NH
Hampton Beach Casino

July 24th
Lincoln, RI
Twin River Casino

July 25th
Atlantic City, NJ
Trump Taj Mahal

July 27th
Westbury, NY
Theater At Westbury

July 28th
New Haven, CT
College Street Music Hall

July 31st
Jacksonville, FL
Florida Theater

August 1st
Melbourne, FL
King Center

August 3rd
Orlando, FL
Hard Rock

August 5th
Hollywood, FL
Seminole Hard Rock Live

August 6th
Clearwater, FL
Ruth Eckerd Hall

August 8th
Markesville, LA
Paragon Casino Mari Center

August 9th
Austin, TX
ACL Live @ The Moody Theater

August 11th
Midland, TX
Wagner Noel PAC

August 13th
Tulsa, OK
Hard Rock Casino Tulsa

August 15th
Rogers, AR
The AR Music Pavillion

August 16th
St. Charles, MO
Family Arena


October 20th
Osaka, JP
Grand Cube

October 22nd
Nagoya, JP

October 25th
Sapporo, JP
Zep Sapporo

October 27th
Hiroshima, JP
Ueno Hall

October 30th
Yokohama, JP
Pacifico Yokohama

November 2nd
Tokyo, JP
International Forum

DSC02126 DSC02106 DSC02078 DSC02076 DSC02066 DSC02048 DSC02024 DSC02020 DSC02018 DSC02015 DSC01996

Randy Rhoads Remembered 1150 Oak Bar and Grill in Cranston, Rhoads Island 5/28/2015


Randy Rhoads Remembered – 5/28/2015 1150 Oak Bar and Grill in Cranston, Rhoads Island

Review by Paul Donahue Jr., Photography by Evil Robb


Marzi Montazeri  was the perfect show opener and the crowd was treated to high energy with a great style, along with big smiles from the opening guitarist, who performed S.A.T.O., Little Dolls and Tonight.

Marzi Montezeri 2 Marzi Montazeri 1 Marzi Montezeri 3Phil X joined the Madmen next for Flyin’ High Again, Steal Away the Night and a Iron Man/ Children of the Grave mash-up called “Iron Children (as indicated on the set list) Randy didn’t write “Iron Children” but while on tour with Ozzy, who had recently departed Black Sabbath, there was an obvious demand from the fans to hear those songs. Randy played them with his own style…Phil captured that style. It was great to hear those Sabbath classics with a Randy Rhoads/Phil X touch.

Phil X 2

phil xChris Caffery of Savatage and Trans Siberian Orchestra plugged in next. Stephen LeBlanc started off Mr. Crowley with the keys and then Caffrey kicked it in the rest of the way with his guitar. This guy is a hell of a lot of fun to watch perform. The Randy Rhoads Remembered veteran also played Believer and You Can’t Kill Rock n Roll.

Chris Caffery 2 Chris Caffery 1

At this point in the show, Chas West made his first appearance on vocals.

   We all know speed kills, right? Wrong! Especially if your name is Mike Orlando from The Adrenaline Mob. This guy CRANKS!

Mike Orlando 1

First, he shredded through Revelation (Mother Earth) and Suicide Solution and then he slams on the brakes with an acoustic intro to Diary of a Madman that is a fusion of his own talent and Randy Rhoads. DOAM is my personal favorite song of all time and he did it great justice.

Mike Orlando 2_Tim Betts, winner of last year’s drummers contest was invited back for another go at it with the Madmen – Brian came out from behind the drums and played lead guitar for No Bone Movies with Chas West on vocals.  Fantastic.

Brian Tichy Guitar 3 Brian Tichy Guitar 1 Brian Tichy Guitar 2Gotta love Chas — the man sounds fantastic! A Robert Plant type of a front man, also the lead singer for Jake E. Lee’s Red Dragon Cartel!

Chas West 1

Kelle Rhoads, Randy’s big brother, took the stage for a bit. He sang Back to the Coast, which is the first song Randy ever wrote. Excelling in Abstract Classical piano, the ex-Singer reminds you of glam in the very early 80’s as he sings and dances and stomps his way around on the edge of the stage.

Kelle Rhoads 3 Kelle Rhoads 2 Kelle Rhoads

Jeff Watson, lead guitarist of Night Ranger, jumped up on stage and had a great guitar duel with Mike Orlando as an intro to I Don’t Know before playing the entire song together. Chris Caffrey then joined Mike and Jeff onstage and the three performed Over the Mountain to close out the electric portion of the evening


The finale was an all-acoustic performance of “Dee” – a song Randy wrote about his mother, Delores.  It’s in the key of D. It’s also a beautiful classical guitar piece that could be the beginning of the direction that Randy said he was going to eventually enter. Classical Guitar…if you listen to Randy’s playing you can hear it in many of his songs. It’s what drew me in, in the beginning and what keeps me there to this day…35 years later.

The “Madmen”:

Phil Soussan plays the bass with warmth lending back-up vocals through-out the night. This is familiar territory fo Soussan, who toured with Ozzy for 4 years and wrote “Shot in the Dark” – Ozzy’s his first #1 hit in the U.S.

Phil Soussan 3 Phil Soussan 2

Phil Soussan Phil X _Brian Tichy, also formerly of Ozzy, on the drums left people speechless.  Extremely hard hitting with some real finesse, Brian is 100% from the word “Go”. From using the gong with dynamics, going from a subtle build to the rapture of the crash cymbals, every song reminded me of John Bonham.

Brian Tichy drum 4 brian tichy drum 1 Brian Tichy drum 3

Stephen LeBlanc on the keys. Mr. Crowley, Revelation (Mother Earth), intros, outros…all of the songs were given a sense of presence due to Stephen’s exceptional talent….fist-pumping and rockin out all night long.

_AAA2570Dewey Bragg, lead singer from Kill Devil Hill, performed the vocals for most of the night. The moment he stepped up front and ran the show, he appeared as if he is in the middle of a major tour with fan reaction at its best — everyone wanted to sing along with Dewey, whose vocals were spot on throughout. I really enjoyed his singing and will be buying a Kill Devil Hill CD this week.

dewy Bragg 4 dewy bragg 2 dewy Bragg 3

What a great gathering of talent and a really a great group of people – all super-cool and with the same goal in mind. I met and talked with each of them. They were all great to be around. This year was even better than last year’s show at the 1150.  The combination of talent on stage (which was among the best I’ve ever seen) and the venue itself made for a great event.

Everyone knew we were among legends, performing in memorandum of the ultimate guitar legend, Mr. Randy Rhoads.  I love this place. They recently added on to the back of the room — opening it a bit more.  But there is still an intimate feel to this venue with great food, people and a great stage and an upgraded system made it louder and clearer than last year.  The Ottaviano brothers Rick and Henry really know how to turn this couple hundred capacity venue into an arena-like atmosphere.  Lights, Sound, Action!

Mike Tichy 1

Mike Tichy

RR Banner_

dewy bragg 1

_AAA2211 _AAA2203


DSC01234DSC01289   DSC01280 DSC01270 DSC01269 DSC01243

Rachel Bolan Bass

Dave “The Snake” Sabo Guitar

Scotti Hill Guitar

Tony Harnell VOCALS

Rob Hammersmith Drums

Let’s Go
Big Guns
Makin’ a Mess
Piece of Me
18 and Life
Thick Is the Skin
In a Darkened Room
Kings of Demolition
Psycho Therapy (Ramones cover)
I Remember You Riot Act
Monkey Business (+ GUITAR DUEL)
Encore: Slave to the Grind
Youth Gone Wild